Performance Nominations: October 2019

Indie Short FestBest Director (Female)

Aria Sijia Li for Kinky Couple (USA)

Bonnie Foster for Butterfly (USA)

Dagmara Wyskiel for This Day We Saw the Volcano (Chile)

Dawn Jones Redstone for Magnificent (USA)

Elise Robertson for Darling, Darling, Wendy (USA)

Manuela Vasquez for Lighthouse (USA)

Sarah Clark for Killing Irma (USA)

Yun Xie for Pier Las Vegas (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Christopher M Armstrong for Memory Man (UK)

Christopher Yager for Zenith (USA)

Daniel Butler for Leave The Road Behind You (Ireland)

Howard Campbell for Sick Boys Die Alone (USA)

Jan Pool for Terminus (Netherlands)

Matthew Tompkins for Well Spent (Canada)

Molotov Mitchell for Wasters (USA)

Moritz Brandes for Exkursion (Germany)


Best Student Director (Female)

李戈其 for The Wrecker (China)

Madison Graves for Conditional (USA)

Yudi Zhang for Young and Beautiful (USA)

Yunbing Li for Evasion (China)

Yung-Han (Ariel) Kuo for Pretend (USA)


Best Student Director (Male)

Alexander Shuryepov for Mother of Chernobyl (USA)

Alkiviadis Tzortzoglou for 101 Knocks (USA)

Surui Guo for A Small Room (China)

Xun Zhuo for Buried in the Air (USA)

Ziyuan He for A Life Per Frame (China)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Destry Spielberg for Rosie (USA)

Erica Arvold for Here Today (USA)

Frances Wiese for When Life Gives You Oranges (USA)

Ginevra Barboni for The Life That Awaits You (Italy)

Holly Pilcavage for Blackhole. (USA)

Lara Daans for Viaticum (Canada)

Mercedes Mason for The Bridge (USA)

Rachel Wan for Numb (Netherlands)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Amine Lakhnech for True Story (Tunisia)

Brennan Bunn for Silence Becomes Her (USA)

Damian Standen for Coin Stars (USA)

Grégoire Vaillant and Charles-Edouard Dangelser for Hypnosis (France)

Hesam Anvari for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Jordan Kelly Parrott for Good Kid (USA)

William Sung for In the Midst of Love (Australia)

Xun Zhuo for If By Life You Were Deceived (China)


Best Young Filmmaker

Eleanor De Fer for See You Soon (USA)

Tracy (Yingzhuo) Yan for Be Useful (USA)

Yung-Han (Ariel) Kuo for Pretend (USA)


Best Actress

Alyona Khmara for Mother of Chernobyl (USA)

Bridget Wareham for The Uncanny Valley (Canada)

Lara Daans for Viaticum (Canada)

Laura Van Yck for From a Barren State (USA)

Sara Rue for The Bridge (USA)


Best Actor

Etienne Baret for Hollow Tooth (France)

Howard Campbell for Sick Boys Die Alone (USA)

John J Vogel for Post-Graduate (USA)

Joplin Sibtain for Memory Man (UK)

Vicente Almuna for Sepia (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

George Bracebridge for Deep Shock (UK)

Peter Outerbridge for Viaticum (Canada)

Tanveer Arora for En Route (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Hailey Harris for A Brief Wait (USA)

Meredith Grace Dabney for Here Today (USA)

Nita Chikadze for Voiceless (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Andrew Buno for When Life Gives You Oranges (USA)

Barsam Naemi for Little Philip’s Birthday (Canada)

Reuben Dodd for The Bridge (USA)


Best Acting Duo

Ben Irving and Eloisa Santos for Coin Stars (USA)

Chris Tardio and Dave Mazzeo for Elementary (USA)

Daryl Ansifeld and Sandra Baskin for Killing Irma (USA)

Jade Lorna Sullivan and Micah Fitzgerald for Butterfly (USA)

Sarah Babb and Larry Mitchell for Fog (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Alexis Capozzi, Riley Baker, Hayes Beyersdorfer, Jully Lee, Anastasia Nguyen, Clay Bunker, Becki Dennis, Brian Dare, AnnMarie Giaquinto, Heath McGough, Anna Campbell, Ben Franczuszki and Julie Ann Dokowicz for Uncovered (USA)

Cameron Laurie, Isaiah Kolundzic, Andrew Vojdani, Dylan Mask, Alex Loubert and Kevin Forster for Well Spent (Canada)

David O’Connell, Ellen O’Brien Sherry, Gene Connelly, Abraham O’Connell, Samuel J. O’Connell, Tyler Floryan, Brennan Sheehan, Karl Kleist, Holly K. Pilcavage, Michael Wawrzynek and Calista Uher for Blackhole. (USA)

Peter Outerbridge, Lara Daans and Evert Houston for Viaticum (Canada)

Sean Conlon, Naincí McMonagle, Pól Penrose, Maureen Butler, Andy Doherty, Elanor Gallagher and Pierce Butler for Leave The Road Behind You (Ireland)




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