Performance Nominations: November 2021

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Best Director (Female)

Chloe Tang for Summer Reverie (USA)

Lisa Marie Tedesco for Spin (USA)

Sheri Sussman for Shutter The Doors (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Aaron Colborn for Jump Seat (USA)

Doltyn Snedden for Freaks (USA)

Ian Rowe and Dillon Petrillo for Wait For The Dog (USA)

Michael Yosef for Dark Tales (USA)

Roth Rind for I Miss Us (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Annalee Dimpfel for Homeward Bound (Canada)

Hanna Gray Organschi for Bea, Seriously (USA)

Therese Gotlib for Trapp/E.D (Mexico)

Best Student Director (Male)

Bricen X for The Way You Smile (USA)

Jacob Matthew Baldy for Ryn (USA)

Yaocheng Yang for Follow The Current (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

LaShaunte Wade for Let Them Eat (USA)

Laura McDonald for Reverie (Australia)

Lauren Sevigny for Blocks On Gina (USA)

Savannah Abrishamchian for Alalia (USA)

Vanessa Prigollini for Contrasts (Mexico)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Charlie Å for 777 (Armenia)

Emmanuel Shiu for Giselle (USA)

Greg Rencken for Killing Kitty (USA)

Marco Felipe Rossi for Professional Experience (Brazil)

Tyler Kirby for Rock Hard with the Clown (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)


Best Actress

Julia Hamilton Ogilvie for Everybody’s Got Something (USA)

Kim Steele for Blocks On Gina (USA)

Lauren Molina for Let Them Eat (USA)

Roni Graham for Righteous Thieves (USA)

Yasmin LeComte for Trapp/E.D (Mexico)

Best Actor

Brown Frown the Clown for Rock Hard with the Clown (USA)

Ian Rowe for Wait For The Dog (USA)

Kaleb Rittenhouse for The Audition or So You Think You Can Be America’s Next Top Idol with the Stars (USA)

Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Child/Young Actor


Best Acting Duo

David Ibarra and Joaquin Ibarra for Baladas (Mexico)

Dewey Stewart and Annalee Dimpfel for Homeward Bound (Canada)

Giovanna Drummond and Elizabeth Keifer for Bea, Seriously (USA)

Ian Buchanan and Billy Wirth for Shutter The Doors (USA)

Whitney Bowers and Newton Mayenge for Dark Tales (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Cecelia Trone, Heather Marie Roberts, Amanda Serra, Andy Mackenzie Mackenzie, David Wunderlich, Brian Mayfield, Joe Lorenzo, Doug Morency, Miho Ando, Naoyuki Ikeda, Aurimas Petrulevicius, and Diane Musselman for A Made Bed (USA)

Maddie Shuman, Greg Rencken, and Marin Stewart for Killing Kitty (USA)

Nikolai Tsankov, Delissa Reynolds, Steve Mason, Paul Hickert, Katya Pylova, and Tony D. Head for The Case (USA)

Rocky Carmine, Patrick Jensen, Bert Martling, John Reaves, Ben Oliver, I-95 Collector, Jameson Babb, Francesca Lyn, Mike Dulin, Katy McCormack, Jacob McFadden, Tom Hall, Samuel Hall, Robert Fugate, Dan Oldman, Brown Frown the Clown, and Steve Boschen for Rock Hard with the Clown (USA)

Whitney Bowers, Newton Mayenge, Alexander Medlicott, Jeremy Boone, Sheree Abate, Dana Cornelius, and Stu Chaiken for Dark Tales (USA)




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