Performance Nominations: July 2019

Indie Short Fest

Best Director (Female)

Astrid Menzel for Unlike Today (Germany)

Cassie Ahiers for Just Call Me Ripley (USA)

Dana Offenbach for Before It Was True (USA)

Katherine Cattani for Detox (USA)

Lauren Merage for Hejleh (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Ian Thomas Kent for Hindsight (USA)

Mariano Cabaco for Sonntag (Argentina)

Michael David Charles Hicks for Eugene vs Humanity (USA)

Michael Yosef for Emunah (USA)

Roger Villarroya for Lullaby (Spain)


Best Student Director (Female)

Alejandra Hou for Fairness (USA)

Arsal Asal for Reverb (USA)

Caroline Laffaldano for Flour Baby (USA)

Lin Niu for The Dancing Class (USA)

Tori Layne for A Year Ago Yesterday (USA)


Best Student Director (Male)

Emerson Duggan for Eight Hundred (USA)

Henry Solorzano for 30 Days of Skate (Venezuela)

Mason Bowen for Before My Eyes (USA)

Neo Nguyen for Under Red Water (USA)

Nick Azzaro for When Darkness Comes (USA)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Anna Olshansky Fox for Letters (USA)

Brooke Trantor for Yours Are Mine (USA)

Davey White for Paresthesia (Canada)

LaVern Whitt for Prey (USA)

Poppy Shaw for Fight or Flight (USA)

Susan Colleen Snell for Amazing Racers (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Asa Gartland for Is That All There Is? (UK)

Fon Davis for At the End of the World (USA)

Jorge A Zorrilla for Unexpected (Mexico)

Kevin M. Turner for Hear Me (USA)

Martin Öhman for Minu (Sweden)

Sinclair Rankin for Drown the Clown (USA)


Best Young Filmmaker

Haley Pine for Harper’s First Kiss (USA)

Hanyu Hu for Optical Camouflage (USA)

John Li for Dancing on Black and White (USA)

Ryan Sadaghiani for A Place to Call Home (USA)

Ugrin Vuckovic and Casey Israelson for The Colour Red (New Zealand)


Best Actress

A Leslie Kies for At the End of the World (USA)

Asta Leigh for Running On Empty (USA)

Heather Magann for Through the Door (USA)

Monika Lennartz for Unlike Today (Germany)

Vivian Kerr for Scrap (USA)


Best Actor

Colin James O’Gorman for Eugene vs Humanity (USA)

Joey Goldman for Hindsight (USA)

Kain Baigent for Ghosts That Cry in the Dark (Australia)

Rogwr Dvorak for Downstream (Australia)

Ulrich Voß for Unlike Today (Germany)


Best Supporting Actress

Claudia Vaseková for Sonntag (Argentina)

Katie Wilbert for I Can’t Relate (USA)

Shastina Kumar for Miss Midnight (Canada)


Best Supporting Actor

Brent Crable for The Assistant (USA)

Brent Maddox for Through the Door (USA)

Niki Lynch for Hindsight (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Courtlyn Vaughn Richard for Bridge (USA)

Jessica Gallo for Hives (USA)

Salma Salinas for Prey (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Alex Figueiredo for Sonntag (Argentina)

Jeffrey Stillwell for Ian’s Realm (USA)

Riley Orr for Dude. (Canada)


Best Acting Duo

Camryn Kanew and Keith Jarvis for White Christmas (USA)

Erica Burns and Debby Gerber for Giving Up the Moon (USA)

Hannes Phinney and Desiree Staples for Saving Santa (USA)

Noah Pitifer and Tom Rosolowski for Emunah (USA)

Victoria Fox and Chuck Mere for Before My Eyes (USA)

Vivian Kerr and Anthony Rapp for Scrap (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

A Will To Love (USA)

Eugene vs Humanity (USA)

Ian’s Realm (USA)

Reece (USA)

Reverb (USA)

Welcome to the Family (Australia)




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