Indie Short Fest

The Reeves

“The Reeves” is a psychological horror short film based on a screenplay written by Lavern Spruill. The film follows Grant Reeves and his girlfriend, Vanita, as they head out for a weekend trip to visit Grant’s twin brother, Dr. Reeves. Grant grows concerned after discovering his brother and Dr. Reeves, his wife, and son aren’t home to greet them. A quick turn of events quickly unravels the truth behind this family’s secrets.
Directed by Lavern Spruill (USA)


In a fictional nation undergoing religious reform, authorities round up a group of reformers and place them in prison. They await execution. In a last-hour reprieve, they are allowed to select only one of their number to face the axeman. Problem is, they must all agree whom that person will be.
Directed by Jeffrey William Tenney (USA)


In response to a severe nationwide famine, the government allows non-productive citizens to be eaten.
Directed by Sotiris Petridis and Tania Nanavraki (Greece)

Bad People

After the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991 presidential and oppositional forces confronted on the main avenue of the capital Tbilisi. Gia is a soldier of oppositional forces during this civil war. He needs to get medicines for his ill son. Meanwhile, he occasionally meets a schoolfriend, who fights for the interests of presidential forces.
Directed by Giorgi Tavartkiladze (Georgia)


A woman was living in a village with her two small kids. The thieves want to rob her cattle but she finds it out.
Directed by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad (Iran)

Kid, the Moon

“Kid, the Moon,” a short drama, about a teenage boy living with his alcoholic father. After Alex gets locked out of the house believing no one to be home, he hears a noise coming from inside the house. Alex’s father, Ron, comes storming out of the house and brings Alex to a liquor store.
Directed by Justin Portaro (USA)


“Finley” is a cheerfully energetic horror short following the shenanigans of a wooden puppet as he tries to kill a group of college kids who have moved into his house.
Directed by J. Zachary Thurman (USA)