Indie Short Fest

The Free Agent

Los Angeles native & MLS professional Tristan Bowen is striving to get back on the soccer field with the elite. A look into his personal life of daily routines, past struggles and his determination to get back on another Pro MLS team.
Directed by Anthony Molina (USA)

Love Letters

“Love Letters” is an experimental short film created from real correspondence and interviews during the first world war, and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended the conflict.
A couple sends each other messages across an ocean during the largest and most violent conflict the world had known. The unnamed woman copes with the horrors of a military hospital in the US while her fiancee faces despair in the trenches of Europe.
The short is filmed with contemporary, abstract setting and costume because the content is timeless. Love is love and war is hell. Produced in the United States of America by Eric Ryan, as a tribute to the men and women who sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom, and on whose shoulders our democracy stands.
Directed by Eric Ryan and Alexa Hann (USA)

The Red Jar

Brandi reluctantly carries out her grandmother’s last wish but couldn’t foresee the hidden truth that poured out in ashes.
Written by Danetta Barney (USA)


Dani’s anxiety is building and she’s about to break in a scary way. The pressure of work becomes too much when she realizes she can’t hide from it anymore.
Directed by Corey Allen (USA)


Benjamin follows a handful of characters (all criminals of varying degree), but at it’s core is about the strained relationship between two loan shark brothers, who are dealing with their late father’s death, and the sole object he left behind for them in his will: a hundred dollar bill.
Directed by Marco WestWood Gonzalez (USA)

Under Cover Comic

Life is kind of funny sometimes. “Under Cover Comic” is the story of a family man who, after a strange brush with death, decides to pursue stand-up comedy. In the film, he grapples with the push and pull between family, passion, and the frailty of life.
Directed by Bobby Friedman (USA)

Manifest (The Artist)

As Kate paints her dream home, room by room—page by page in art class, her reality begins to shift. Kate’s therapist praises her art and encourages her aspirations of becoming a famous artist and someday teaching art herself. One day, Kate returns to her humble cottage to find the key fitting into a new front door—her dream home!
Written by Mila Johansen (USA)