Indie Short Fest


Cat and Rita have had enough of their soul sucking jobs. When an opportunity arises, they take matters into their own hands by swiping wallets as they swipe right on Kindred Spirits; an online dating app.
Directed by Derek Evans (USA)


Emotionally disenfranchised man-child, Jackson, drunkenly reflects on modern existence while being dragged to a bottomless mimosa brunch by his successful vlogger girlfriend, Peyton.
Directed by Dustin Curtis Murphy (UK)


Love a first sight. Doesn’t matter the circumstances, when love comes to you…you just have to go for it with no regrets.
Directed by Sharwin Samant (USA)

ESPA (Electronic Scooter Protection Agency)

Electronic scooters are the new craze all over Los Angeles. The faster the better. Everyone is having fun with these toys, everyone except Elbert. After finding a scooter on top of his brand new car, he realized someone needed to step up and protect every car in LA from these juvenile weapons of transpiration. From scooter scratches to scooters being left in the middle of the road, Elbert is on a mission to serve and protect every last car by “Taking one scooter out at a time”.
Directed by Alastair Bayardo (USA)

Tall In Another Dimension

A group of dangerously intimate college friends struggle to keep it all together during a tiny apartment birthday celebration where all they have is a bottle of tequila, a ton of glitter and a whole lot of complicated feelings.
Directed by Hunter Milano (USA)

The Lost Man

After the death of his friends, a lone traveler is questioned by two men over the events that took place and his actions that followed.
Directed by Austin Smith (USA)

Helping Hand

A young man, with the help of a unique friend, just wants to ask out the barista that he sees everyday before work. Can he gain the confidence to do so, or will he let his fear be the best of him.
Directed by Austin Smith (USA)


After the fall of society due to a viral toxin that has caused the air to become nearly unbreathable, one survivor goes to find his wife, while leaving evidence of his intentions.
Directed by Austin Smith (USA)