Indie Short Fest

White Wolves

Josh, a surfer living a life of withdrawal due to a devastating breakup, has a peculiar run-in with a complete stranger who causes him to question the way he lives and whether being a lone wolf is the answer.
Directed by Sarah Koteles (USA)


Marc Orban spent three years in prison. When he gets back to his neighborhood things have stopped. Vincent is gone and Adam works for Hungarian.
Directed by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)

Suburban Jungle

Two high school students, who have each been living double lives off campus, discover the truth about one another, leading to a confrontation.
Directed by Clayton Tony Au (USA)


Margaret – conductor and composer are shocked when the maintenance man falls dead in her kitchen while fixing her lights. She hides his body all night to discover in the end that he has been actually alive.
Directed by Dimitar Stoyanov (UK)

Rear View

A lone gas station attendant finds herself caught up in her past which rears it’s ugly truth one evening.
Directed by Sam Fayed and Matthew Duncan (USA)


There are two artists of Outsider Art. They have a mental disability. Their drawings which they drew with an urge are, in a measure, transcendental. In order to experience something which is hidden in the deep mind of human beings, high-resolution 4K camera and high-definition lens will fall into their drawings.
Directed by Tomohiko Tsuji (Japan)

Moment of Silence

A man walks through San Francisco and is distracted by the city’s noise. As he walks, he realizes how chaotic the environment is and seeks a safe place to isolate himself.
Directed by Demi Guevara (USA)

Dear Uncle

The uncle, who has forgetfulness amongst three brain problem, goes to his nephew’s home. Nephew should care about him but nephew cannot control him.
Directed by Amir Hossein Behbahani (Iran)

Off to Care

The last goodbye between an old man and his wife who’s late in the stages of dementia, before the old man sends his wife to old people’s home.
Directed by Wendi Sun (USA)