Block 7 – Sci-Fi

Auditorium #13: 2.20pm – 3.45pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023


I never had closure with my mother, I literally did not have a chance to say goodbye. So this short film became my closure, a way for me to say my last goodbye.

Directed by Emmanuel Shiu (USA)

The last woman

The Last Woman

A young woman wakes up millions of years after her civilisation went extinct.

Directed by Pierre Stine (Belgium)

World premiere


When gravity is shut off, a gamer tragically under estimates his ability to save the world.

Directed by Tim Hamilton (New Zealand)

Los Angeles premiere



The brave crew of the Equinox have just landed on Mars. Now inhabitants of Station Orion, they will look to each other for inspiration and survival. And then there’s Gary…

Directed by Doug Cox (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

Callisto’s End

An investigator travels to an outpost on Jupiter’s moon Callisto where a mysterious murder has taken place.

Directed by Nathan Schiele (USA)

California premiere


For days, Turin’s citizens have been saying they hear voices and shouts coming from the statues in town. The police are completely in the dark. A crime wave hits the city. Until a masked man who calls himself Ratavoloira tries to get the situation in hand.

Directed by Giulio Maria Cavallini (Italy)


In a utopian society built on convenience and free of human disease, Eric struggles with an irregular mental illness that leaves his body in an ever growing state of decay.

Directed by Jonathan E Munoz (USA)

California premiere


The introduction of artificial intelligence was supposed to start a brilliant future for humankind. But it happened otherwise. Kowalski, a representative of an androids corporation, visits Aleksander, the creator of artificial intelligence. Together they are to figure out how to prevent a revolution. However, can the world like that be saved at all?

Directed by Adam Nowak (Poland)

World premiere