Block 3.2 – Other Comedies (Monday 24th, 9.10pm-10.35pm)

Sunny Afternoon

Two old friends have met on the same beach for over forty years. One day things dramatically change and their meetings are no longer the pleasant things they used to be.

Directed by Rickie O’Neill (Ireland)

Los Angeles premiere

Inevitability or how Dima fell in love with Inna

Inevitability or How Dima Fell In Love with Inna

Student Inna rents a room from her grandmother and dives headlong into her studies without wasting any more time. But, at the same time, she does not know that a noisy neighbor lives above her, who disrupts her plans for study, and possibly her personal life.

Directed by Anzor Mulkoev (Russia)

California premiere

Pit Stop

A simple gas station pit stop turns into a heated battle of principles.

Directed by Cody Lee Brown (USA)


In a rush to make the submission deadline for her dream school, an impulsive art student messes with the wrong telemarketer. In the span of one annoying cold call, her life as she knows it vanishes completely.

Directed by Mathieu Nolhier (UK)

California premiere

Here’s to the Mammoth

The young actor Julian should be overjoyed: He gets to play the leading role in a prestigious art movie. But the pressure on the film set takes him to his limits. Director Windebørg turns out to be a tyrant and co-actress Francesca brings Julian’s inadequacies to light with her self-confident manner. During the filming of a sex scene his nervousness reaches new heights, which eventually jeopardizes the course of his career.

Directed by Toni Heye (Germany)


A desperate man stumbles upon a life changing amount of money, but must make a risky stop on his way to a new life.

Directed by Jake Noecker (USA)

Los Angeles premiere