Block 2 – Transgressions

Auditorium #12: 12.50pm – 2.20pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023


Thomas is 13, sensitive and introverted. He likes to wear girl dresses. But the small town of Brevard, NC, is no place to be different. The woods become Thomas free-judgement-playground. Determinate to face his fear, Thomas eventually goes back to his neighbor to parade his true self.

Directed by Adriano Falconi (USA)

World premiere

Infinity + 1

Sam, a young boy, longs for his mothers love and protection after his father died. She, on the other hand, struggles to be the mother she wants to be while dealing with her own pain. She knows she’ll break down once that moment of weakness overcomes her. So she cuts herself from her feelings while leaving her son with his own behind.

Directed by Flo Demmer (Germany)


It was supposed to be a nice evening for Leon and Marie. Instead, professional problems, family intrigues, marital crisis. But all that fades away when Leon meets Cecilia on the street that evening. On a nocturnal odyssey through Berlin, he must confront the trauma of his youth.

Directed by Jasper Graeve (Germany)

North America premiere


Cord of Three

Cord of Three

After a long time, devout and obedient sister Christa meets her denied love Valeria at her monastery. Now Christa has to make a decision: Human love or the love of God?

Directed by Sophia Kindt (Germany)

World premiere


Paulinus is a young novice at a small Austrian monastery in 1929. In a few days he will take his final vows and become a full member of the order. His only contact to the outside world is Jakob, a young farmer, who visits the monastery every day to deliver errands. When Paulinus’ feelings for Jakob start to grow beyond their friendship, he finds himself at a crossroads between God and the world.

Directed by Benjamin Knoebl (Austria)