Block 2.8 – Crimes & Noir (Sunday 23rd, 6.50pm-8.05pm)

Dirty Game

A big secret, a wicked sexual need and a dirty game with no return.

Directed by Smaro Angelakopoulou (Greece)

USA premiere


On December 15th, 1966, the day Walt Disney died, three destitute brothers with dreams of country music stardom decide to rob the man they blame for the death of their parents and the loss of their childhood home.

Directed by Keene McRae (USA)

World premiere


In early 90s Los Angeles, a young woman claims to have teleported from the past. Authorities remain skeptical of her narrative and later whisk her off to a mental asylum where she confronts her primary doctor, Dr. Phares. While Phares’s preliminary diagnosis matches up with the police’s speculation, he soon becomes convinced that the enigmatic woman might have been telling the truth throughout her time in the asylum.

Directed by Jacky Song (USA)