Block 2.6 – Indies (Sunday 23rd, 3.20pm-5.35pm)

Will You Marry Me

A Kenyan immigrant named Budroque decides to propose to the love of his life, Sasha. However, his insecurities set him on a path that may jeopardize his relationship.

Directed by Issah Contractor (Canada)

California premiere

Him and Her

A struggling singer and her manager husband travel from show to show in the Russian boondocks, falling in and out of love as they realize how much they need and despise one another in equal measure. A film about love, hate, and how the two sometimes co-exist. Inspired by the short story “He & She” by Anton Chekhov.

Directed by Daria Geller (Israel)

Monsters and Muses

Estranged sisters have their road trip interrupted by reports of a serial killer hunting women that match their exact description.

Directed by Grace Van Dien (USA)

California premiere

Too Damn Long

Sam “Birdie” Taylor is a washed up country music legend on his last tour. As he travels he struggles with the hard truth that his career is nearing its end. The once great songwriter finds solace in the process of writing his final masterpiece and the cathartic experiences he has on a long and at times mystical journey.

Directed by Ian Lettire (USA)

California premiere



Ilsa blackmails her driver’s ed instructor into being her getaway driver when she steals her dog back from her father’s new family.

Directed by Willi Patton (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

McCrorey Rd.

Based on true events, “McCrorey Rd.” details how childhood sexual trauma affects a teenager struggling to cope with her past. Moving from flashbacks to the present day, we follow Gloria navigating through harrowing recollections, struggling to detach herself from her mother (Jaime King), who unintentionally grows absent in her search for companionship outside of their Texas trailer home.

Directed by Shane Coffey (USA)