Block 2.2 – Other Wars (Sunday 23rd, 9.20am-11am)

Miyagi & Andy Panda – Yamakasi

One night the Vladikavkaz residents decided to bury what has been hurting their previous generations for ages – the War.

Directed by Egor Tarasov and Vladimir Ivanov (Russia)


A woman journalist on the battlefield finds a child who is forced to abandon her and leave.

Directed by Nasrin Golreyhan (Iran)

USA premiere

The Black Kite

Taiwan, the 1960s, a time of political chaos and military surveillance. Through the lens of a seven-year-old girl and her relationship with her father, “The Black Kite” examines the complexities of suffering and surviving under totalitarianism.

Directed by I-Hui Lee (Taiwan)


“Dragunov” starts in 1980s Afghanistan during the war with Russia, and moves to the present time and the conflict between the Taliban and coalition forces. The main characters are two western mercenaries, and Massoud, the lone Mujahideen fighter who pursues them through hostile territory.

Directed by Robin Kirwan (UK)

The Smuggler

Romania, 1987. Living under the Communist regime, Nelu, a father and husband risks everything when he gets involved in the smuggling of religious books and bibles. Some 33 years later, Ligia his oldest daughter feels ready to reconcile with the unsettling past.

Directed by Adrian Serecut (Romania)

California premiere