Block 2.10 – Dramas (Sunday 23rd, 10.35pm-12pm)

All Because Of The Damned Blonde’s Son

Jairo had his romantic afternoon well planned until the Damned Blonde’s Son appeared in the neighborhood.

Directed by Danilo Vargas Martinez and Cristian Roberto Hernández Figueroa (Dominican Republic)

Out of competition

Piece of Mind

John Rogers comes home after his 3rd tour; he finds that his girlfriend is having an affair and, having lost her, the demons in his mind become more powerful.

Directed by Oliver Lavery-Farag (UK)

North America premiere

Pap’s Manifesto

A grief-stricken Gold Star father’s commitment to avenge his son’s death takes a series of shocking turns when he schemes to truck bomb a mosque.

Directed by Chris Danuser and Casey Clark (USA)


Two opposing factions of soldiers converge in their search for a wellspring, knowing that whoever controls the last vestige of water, controls the territory.

Directed by Jeffrey Smith Quizon (Philippines)