Block 10 – (Dark) Comedies

Auditorium #14: 12.40pm – 2.10pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023

Dream A Little Dream

In a small fishing boat on a lake in Florida, two men are gripped by personal conflicts, continuing with a crime to feed family and ‘be a man’, or try a better way without guns…

Directed by Stefan Rollins (USA)

California premiere

Dream A Little Dream

Purple Case

“Entourage” meets “The Sopranos” in this action paced thrill ride. Two young men find themselves being pulled back into a world they had escaped or so they thought.

Directed by David Sarian and Kostya Yezagelian (USA)

Call It A Front

When troubled brothers Rally and Junior run out of hideout cash, they devise a morbid plan to up their funds and stay off the grid.

Directed by Ricky Staffieri and Ben Fout (USA)

Lotus Land

After being robbed blind, Noah and Damian turn to their only hope for salvation—a peculiar Uncle who happens to be a spiritual guru. He helps them get back on their feet… but at what cost?

Directed by Andy Cohen and Grover Ellisor (USA)

Out of competition (qualified for the next annual awards event)