Award Winners of November 2023: Technical Categories


Best Producer: Alex Benton and Joshua Montrel for Water Park (USA)

Best Female Director: Philomena Petzenhammer for Blaupause (Germany)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Female Director): Jessa Zarubica for Mother Trucker (USA)

Best Male Director: Thomas Dubois for Solitary Waves (France)

Best Student Female Director: Junyi Chen for Auntie (China)

Best Student Male Director: Yiming Fu for Spinach (China)

Best First Time Female Director: Cynthia Liu for End of the Line (UK)

Best First Time Male Director: Martin Ashanti Eaton for Mott & Spy (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Young Female Filmmaker): Kat Dubrow for One Wish (USA)

Best Young Male Filmmaker: Kiefer O’Reilly for Buddy Love (Canada)

Best Actress: Olga Prokot for Blaupause (Germany)

Best Actor: Eric Crist for The Woman in The Room (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Actor): Alex Figueiredo for 43 York Road (UK)

Best Supporting Actress: Susan Moses for The Woman in The Room (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Tristan Pretty for 43 York Road (UK)

Best Acting Duo: J.J. Nolan and Jetta Juriansz for Mother Trucker (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting Duo): Eteri Coast and Diana Peremoga for One Wish (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Hasaaan Dubuclet, Xavier Lawery, and Rob Fox Rich for Water Park (USA)

Best Production Design: Nick Peetros and Danny Donnelly for The Woman in The Room (USA)

Honorable Mention (Production Design)Ryta Ray – Frequency Of Love (Ukraine)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Aimee Theresa for The Woman in The Room (USA)

Best Cinematography: Mario Contini for Mother Trucker (USA)

Best Editing: Blake Huang for Hole Punched Ear (USA)

Honorable Mention (Sound Editing)I Am Kanaka (UK)

Best Sound MixingVeil of Darkness (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Visual FX): Romain Sontag, Romain Brachet, and Victor Jarnoux for Solitary Waves (France)

Honorable Mention (Special Makeup)The Need (USA)

Best Original Score: Aidan Wiess for The Need (USA)

Best Original Song: Frequency Of Love by Ryta Ray (Ukraine)


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