Award Winners of November 2022: Technical Categories


Best Producer: Xinyu “Ciao” Zhao for Call for Cassie (USA)

Best Director (Female): Lauren McLaughlin for Free (UK)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Director – Female): Sarah Hanner for Bläckfisk (USA)

Best Director (Male): Fousseyni Maiga for Seven (Mali)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Director – Male): Isaac Ruth for Searchers (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Student Director – Female): Suzie Jane Pastor for What The Hell! (France)

Honorable Mention (Student Director – Female): Laura Rindlisbacher for Cargo (UK)

Best Student Director (Male): Josh Ohea for Soft Landing (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Student Director – Male): Daniel Gonzalez for Domingo (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female): Gabrielle Carrubba for Down By The Water (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Zhiyao Ding for No Remedy (China)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female): Meichen Jiang for Recalling (China)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Young Filmmaker – Female): Sasha Nelson for Fish Out Of Water (USA)

Honorable Mention (Young Filmmaker – Female): Haeri Jeon for The Home (South Korea)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Young Filmmaker – Male): Eugene Yoo for Street Chess: Community, Care, and Competition (USA)

Honorable Mention (Young Filmmaker – Male): Ezra Atkins for Dreams of a Forgotten Memory (USA)

Best Actress: Carly Glenn for I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental (USA)

Best Actor: Ryon Thomas for Soft Landing (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Katie Maringer for I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Tarun Singhal for 10/10 (India)

Honorable Mention (Child/Young Actress): Emyliana Bonnell for James (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor: Akira Simoneau for Hologramme (Canada)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Child/Young Actor): Caleb Martinez for Heroes (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Carly Glenn and Katie Maringer for I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting Duo): Susannah Laing and Sarah McCardie for Chrysalis (UK)

Best Ensemble Cast: Mickey O’Sullivan, Ashton Swinford, Antoine McKay, Katie Maringer, Dennis Garcia, Christopher Meister, and Carly Glenn for I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Ensemble Cast): Sebastian Spence, Ellen Dubin, Russell Yuen, Nicole G. Leier, and Stephen Park for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Best Production Design: Rupali Ingle for A Yemeni (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Production Design): Valentina Joy Oresic for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Production Design): Gary Karapetyan for With Joyful Ring (USA)

Best Original Screenplay: Garner Haines for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Screenplay): Fousseyni Maiga for Seven (Mali)

Best Cinematography: Peter Mokrosinski for Bläckfisk (USA)

Best Editing: Daria Matza for Marda’s Gift (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Special FX): Gregory Arroyo, Sam Schweich, and Aaron W Small for Shadow Legacy (USA)

Best Visual FX: C-Meta Labs for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Best Sound Design: Dillan Schmitz for Mixed Signals (Canada)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Sound Design): Isaac Ruth for Searchers (USA)

Honorable Mention (Sound Design): Johanne Chagnon for Scraggliness (Canada)

Best Sound Editing: Marda’s Gift (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Sound Editing)Human 2.0 (USA)

Best Sound Mixing: Zac Greenberg for RugbyTown (USA)

Honorable Mention (Costume Design): Jennifer Jakob for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Makeup and Hairstyling): Eleaonor MacVeigh for The Time Is Right (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Special Makeup): Talisa Malhas for Life Like This (USA)

Best Original Score: Eros Cartechini for Triggered (USA)

Best Original Song: Hang Out Dry by Megan Black, for Chrysalis (UK)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Song)Teleportation by Matthieu Eymard, Joi Barua, and Susan Mey Lee Lim (Singapore)


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