Award Winners of May 2023: Technical Categories

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Best Producer: Caroline Bevaart and Harald Swinkels for Drawback (Netherlands)

Best Female Director: Nadia Guo for Run, Chad Run (China)

Best Male Director: Madison Drew Liane for 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover (USA)

Best Student Female Director: Liana Shan for Her, Her and Him (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Student Male Director): Nathan J. Lee for The Interview (USA)

Best First Time Female Director: Caroline Bevaart and Harald Swinkels for Drawback (Netherlands)

Best First Time Male Director: Harald Swinkels and Caroline Bevaart for Drawback (Netherlands)

Honorable Mention (Young Male Filmmaker): Nick Kearney for Fractured Paradise (Australia)

Best Actress: Adèle Galloy for A Night in Lisbon (Portugal)

Best Actor: James Hong for Rock Inn (USA)

Honorable Mention (Supporting Actress): Marion H von Loewenstern for Doctor Harriet’s Four (Germany)

Honorable Mention (Supporting Actor): Jose McGee for Long Beach Vice (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress: Alliyah Faith for Invidia’s Lens (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Robert Dill and Stephanie Savić for Twenty One at the Belle Saloon (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast: Aaron Merke, Terry Ray, Lisa Bell, Alan Wong, Lauren Cochrane, and Shannon Guile for Christmas at Doug’s (Canada)

Best Production Design: Tara Garwood, Sarah Melinda, and Justin Timpane for The Strangle of Ivy (USA)

Best Original Screenplay: Peipei Liu for Burn The Flower (USA)

Best Cinematography: Jeremy Johnstone for Gold In Them Hills (USA)

Best Editing: Jeremy Johnstone for Gold In Them Hills (USA)

Best Special FX: Greg Kochan for Rock Inn (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Special FX): Wang Haibo, Jin Song, Guo Yunzhong, Song Fangfang, Yao Yalong, and Zhu Chenchen for Someone Who is Punctual (China)

Honorable Mention (Makeup and Hairstyling): Shanae Coffman, Mia Wilson, and Megan Hauser for Bloom (USA)

Best Original Score: Bob Thole for Drawback (Netherlands)

Best Original Song: Slow Game by Ross K and Urchin, for A Night in Lisbon (Portugal)

See also AWARD WINNERS: MAY 2023

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