Award Winners of June 2023: Technical Categories


Best Producer: Fabien Quesada, Frederic Raynaud, Nicolas Jacques, and Isabelle Raynaud for The Shadow of the Beast (France)

Best Female Director: Marie-Ange Casalta for The Last Dinner (France)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Female Director): Eden Rize for Unicorns & Rainbows (Israel)

Best Male Director: Frederic Raynaud for The Shadow of the Beast (France)

Best Student Female Director: Anoushka Sunil for Oyster (UAE)

Best Student Male Director: Geoff Smeltzer for Mass Teleportation Authority (USA)

Best First Time Female Director: Danielle Purdy and Shadow C. LaValley for The Can (USA)

Best First Time Male Director: Philip Wan for Chiaroscuro (Hong Kong)

Best Young Female Filmmaker: Kat Dubrow for Return (USA)

Honorable Mention (Young Female Filmmaker): Ella Jerrier and Madeline Tran for Crushed (USA)

Honorable Mention (Young Male Filmmaker): Carter Stoudt for The Fatal Affair (USA)

Best Actress: Michal Zys for Unicorns & Rainbows (Israel)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Actress): Zoë Yeoman for The Can (USA)

Best Actor: Shadow C. LaValley for The Can (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Actor): Don Scribner for Zib (USA)

Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Ann Jerome for A Box of Chocolates (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Supporting Actress): Hannah Schill for The Can (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Gerard Sanders for Trials and Tribulations (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Child/Young Actress): Blaire Brown for Summer Fun Time (USA)

Honorable Mention (Child/Young Actor): Brayden Gleave for The Can (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting Duo): Shadow C. LaValley and Hannah Schill for The Can (USA)

Best Production Design: To All the Gabbys in the World (USA)

Best Original Screenplay: Cris Thorne for A Box of Chocolates (USA)

Best Cinematography: Danny Chiu for Chiaroscuro (Hong Kong)

Best Editing: Chak Hei (Nelson Ng) for Chiaroscuro (Hong Kong)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Editing): Filip Malasek for Traps In My Feed (Czechia)

Honorable Mention (Editing): Noor Jameel for A Seduction of Fire & Smoke: Chef Brando Moros (UAE)

Honorable Mention (Sound Design): Noah Meyer for Small Boy (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Sound Editing): Dojo (USA)

Honorable Mention (Special FX)Thumper’s Revenge (USA)

Honorable Mention (Costume Design): Thumper’s Revenge (USA)

Best Original Score: Manu Martin for A Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate (Singapore)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Score): Yousef Bilal for Mandje (USA)

Best Original Song: Broken Bridges by Mista RuL.A. for Trials and Tribulations (USA)


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