2021 Annual Award Winners

Best Indie Short

Merpeople by Qunio Nozawa (Japan)

Best Drama Short

The Smuggler by Adrian Serecut (Romania)

Best Documentary Short

Saigon Sentinal by Chris Noltekuhlmann (Germany)

Best Comedy Short

Here’s to the Mammoth by Toni Heye (Germany)

Best Romantic Comedy Short

Will You Marry Me by Issah Contractor (Canada)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Waiting for Deading by Paul Sestakov (USA)

Best Action Short

Falling Sparrow by Justin Wang Powell (USA)

Best Crime Short

Symptoms May Include Shortness of Breath by Ben Hess (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Incognito by Jacky Song (USA)

Best Mystery Short

I Still Am by Simon O’Keefe and Tara Lynn Rye (USA)

Best Thriller Short

The Queue by Laurie Waplington (UK)

Best Horror Short

Doulas Beach by Fernanda García (Mexico)

Best Fantasy Short

Here Cut Salon by Kenneth Ma (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

The Time Travelers’ Dilemma by Nico Nepola (USA)

Best Western Short

Too Damn Long by Ian Lettire (USA)

Best Animation Short

Windup by Yibing Jiang (USA)

Best Children Short

The Last Supper by Michael Risley (USA)

Best Women Short

McCrorey Rd. by Shane Coffey (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short

With a Woman Like You by Rakel Conk (Peru)

Best Microfilm

I Walk On by Dorota Fórmanowska (Poland)

Best Experimental Short

Elevation Zero by Raed Barance and Anthony Bravo (USA)

Best Student Short

The King of Nowhere by Victor Harder Hesel (Denmark)

Best Music Video

Pseudonym by Paul Boyd (USA)

Best Screendance Short

Out of Breath by Sojeong Yoon (South Korea)

Best Director (Female)

Nasrin Golreyhan for Doll (Iran)

Best Director (Male)

Jacky Song for Incognito (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Alice Biletska for Your One And Only (USA)

Best Student Director (Male)

Ronald Huang for Fading Scar (China)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Grace Van Dien for Monsters and Muses (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Shane Coffey for McCrorey Rd. (USA)

Best Actress

Stacy Ann Rose for Life… (USA)

Best Actor

David Triacca for Pap’s Manifesto (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Jaime King for McCrorey Rd. (USA)

Best Supporting Actor

Michael Paré for The Curse of Stone Hill (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress

Sofia Salas for Pap’s Manifesto (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor

James Gasson for The Last Supper (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Michaela McManus and Grace Van Dien for Monsters and Muses (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Autumn Harrison, Tom Wade, Jodi Bianca Wise, and Greg Kriek for Incognito (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Jordan Dotson, Zack Zhang, and Jacky Song for Incognito (USA)

Best Cinematography

Logan Fulton for Incognito (USA)

Best Editing

Hernan Barangan for How’dy! (USA)

Best Visual FX

Seung Joon An, Jiwon Kang, and Min Jae Kim for Bon Appetite (South Korea)

Best Original Score

Devin Johnson for How’dy! (USA)

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