Production Nominations: May 2019

Indie Short Fest

Best Producer

Adrian Bobb, Zeus Kontoyannis and Jon Hutton for EXT (Canada)

Peggy Ellis, Katrina Medoff, Tracy Sayre and Amanda Sabater for Game Over (USA)

Christopher Heiman and Angeles Manzo for Following Kanika (USA)

Cindy Wathen-Kennedy for The Blessing and the Curse (USA)

Nina Brooks for The Lovers Lyfe (USA)


Best Production Design

Cinthia Chen for Game Over (USA)

David Hermans for Caducea (Belgium)

Julian Curi for A Psalm of Sight – Verse 1: Zerfall (USA)

Marc de Bertier for Calamity Falls (USA)

Tyler Szuch and Joshua Williams for Private Barry (USA)


Best Original Story

Amanda Glassman for The Mask I Wear (USA)

Hirokawa Hayashida for Take the Next Bus, Honey (USA)

Liat Akta for The Mouse (Israel)

Marcus Mullen for A Good Story (Canada)

Tyler Szuch for Private Barry (USA)


Best Adapted Screenplay

Andy Jones for Bad Dreams (UK)

Hugo Teugels and Kirk Ryde for 2nd Chance (Belgium)

Jonathan Hammond for Kathy (USA)


Best Cinematography

Adriel Gonzalez for The Last Drag (USA)

Dylan Snyder and Joey Luthman for Nasty Habits (USA)

Kevin Douglas Harris for No No On’nanoko (USA)

Tero Saikkonen for Red Eleven: Starry Eyes (Finland)

The Mouse (Israel)


Best Editing

Dylan Riviera and David Leidy for Platonic (USA)

Ivan Mbakop for Loop (USA)

J.D. Funari for Exposure (USA)

Nick Chapman for Ricochet (USA)

Zilong Wang for Lost and Found (USA)


Best Sound Design

Henry Hawks and Ramsey Telhami for Private Barry (USA)

J.D. Funari for Exposure (USA)

Matias Piegari for Creak and Shriek (USA)

Matt Sherman for EXT (Canada)

Skyko for A Psalm of Sight – Verse 1: Zerfall (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Eddie Lopez for Alice (USA)

Guest (USA)

Ivan Mbakop for Loop (USA)

Kasra (USA)

Sergi Carreras for Coda Sacra (Spain)


Best Sound Mixing

Bijan Sharifi for The Unforgettable Augustus Post (USA)

Ivan Mbakop for Loop (USA)

Tatiana Gutierrez for Damaged (USA)

The Blessing and the Curse (USA)

Tim Earnheart for Ricochet (USA)


Best Special FX

Hypertrophy (USA)

Nicolas Bosc for Rose (USA)

Robert Vigorito for Rise n’ Shine (Canada)


Best Visual FX

Benjamin Capps for Civet (USA)

George Kanaras and Adrian Bobb for EXT (Canada)

Hanna Johansson for 1UP (USA)

Kyle Newell for Rise n’ Shine (Canada)

Under the Flowers: Waking the Witch (USA)


Best Costume Design

Jenni Lee for EXT (Canada)

Mariah Harrison for Starman (USA)

Tim Thonton and Kim Webb & Iron Mike’s Military Exchange for Private Barry (USA)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Moira Garr and Blake Arsenault for EXT (Canada)

Sally Mohammadifakhr, Emilia Dellepiane and Cassie Szachury for Oh My God! (Canada)

Tatiana Bilan for 2nd Chance (Belgium)


Best Special Makeup

Adam Watts for Rose (USA)

Maeve Potter and Phil Tice for Hypertrophy (USA)

Robert Bravo for Exposure (USA)

Tatiana Gutierrez for Damaged (USA)

Woe (USA)


Best Original Score

Anthony Chan for A Land Where Children Play (USA)

Guy Renardeau for A Royal Love (Netherlands)

Iran Garcia for Paradise. Death. Mars. (Canada)

Logan Coleman for Home (USA)

Oscar Fogelstrom for Bad Dreams (UK)

Shy Monster for The Free Agent (USA)

Steve Arm for Nasty Habits (USA)


Best Original Song

“My Inspiration”, music and lyrics by Roberto Florencio, performed by Sasha Neuhaus and Tim Neuhaus for A Good Story (Canada)

Original music by Oliver Denyer for I Must Upgrade! (UK)

Original song by Pac Lane for Killer Friends (USA)




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