Production Nominations: July 2020

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Indie Short Fest

Best Producer

Aron Davidsson for Relapse (USA)

Deanna Alisa Ableser for Black Coffee (USA)

Diana Lanham and Jennifer C. Burd for Greg and the Tree (USA)

Karen Sanovicz for Heartstruck (USA)

Mitali Khare for Till The Petals Fall (USA)

Rafael Cemo Çetin and Ellis Kaan Özen for Ruins of Castle Island (Turkey)

Raven Robinson for Without Goodbye (USA)

Shiqi Huang and Xinyi Hong for Dark Side (USA)


Best Production Design

Alex Copones, Michelle Serrano Flores, Kristian Cahatol, and Nathan Flores for 1000 Paper Cranes (Canada)

Chloë Lambert for Sourdough (Australia)

Fix (USA)

Lock Down (USA)

Stalkers (USA)

The Silver Rabbit (USA)

Vessel (USA)

Without Goodbye (USA)


Best Original Screenplay

Daniel O’Neill for Stray Dog (UK)

George A. Velez for Eavesdropping (USA)

Hongshi Zhong for Almost May (USA)

Ian Thomas Kent for Heartstruck (USA)

Jonah Lindley for Sourdough (Australia)

Lewis Reeves for Lola (UK)

Moses Lawi and Halla Nelson for Golds (USA)

Simon Longmore for Not Your Average Bear (Canada)


Best Adapted Screenplay

Benjamin Feldman for Pass Like Night (USA)

Dan Ramm for Alabaster (USA)

Natasha “Zenobia“ Matthew for Zenobia’s Lost Ones (USA)


Best Cinematography

Anselm Havu for Till The Petals Fall (USA)

Briana Man for Almost May (USA)

Haley Min Young Kreofsky for Cat’s Eye (USA)

Igor Polaniewicz for Tame (UK)

Juan Jiménez and José Rodríguez for My Little Flower (Mexico)

Nathan Flores for 1000 Paper Cranes (Canada)

Sean Morris for Permanent Resident (Australia)

Tyler Maynard for For You. (USA)


Best Editing

Boyang Li for Silence (USA)

Caleb Brigham for Without Goodbye (USA)

Dan Ramm for Alabaster (USA)

Daniela Nella François for Lola (USA)

Darren Baldwin for Lock Down (USA)

Fabien Migliore for Kerbonn Shogun (France)

Lucas Stanton and Peter Roads for Flashback to the Pool (Australia)

Sophie Patzel for Sourdough (Australia)


Best Sound Design

Aaron Mak Hoffman for Pass Like Night (USA)

Gěnjiu Bodies (China)

My Demon (USA)

Short & Sweet (USA)

Sourdough (Australia)

Stalkers (USA)

The Forgotten World (Denmark)

We Are Father for Lock Down (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Chatter (USA)

Coma (USA)

Dope County (USA)

Eavesdropping (USA)

Jataun Gilbert and Louis Deon Jones for The Good Teacher (USA)

Jonah Has A Rainbow (USA)

Nightfall (USA)

The Battle of Corona vs. Us (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

Abyss Affect (USA)

Gold (USA)

Heavens Enemy (Ukraine)

Venture (Japan)

Without Goodbye (USA)


Best Visual FX

Iain He, Boyi Li, and Tianshu Liu for Who Am I (USA)

Sergei Patlai for Heavens Enemy (Ukraine)

The Big Red Bastard (USA)


Best Costume Design

Baby In The Basement (USA)

Coma (USA)

Lady A (USA)

The Big Red Bastard (USA)

Till The Petals Fall (USA)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Chatter (USA)

Melodrama (USA)

The Big Red Bastard (USA)


Best Special Makeup



Best Original Score

Dan Martinez for Patch (USA)

David Rimsky-Korsakow for Knives & Peaches (Germany)

Javier Orman for Blanes st and Muller (Uruguay)

Jayna Chou and Simon Pucheu for Melodrama (USA)

Kelsie Rose and Andi Rados for For You. (USA)

Nat Hoopes for This is a Test (USA)

Natasa Paulberg for The Yellow Dress (Ireland)

Seth Allen for Staged (USA)


Best Original Song

“Corona ki Jung” by Roshni Datta, Rajiv Nema, and Deepak Sharma, for The Battle of Corona vs. Us (USA)

“Florecita Mía” by Le’Kapeeli, for My Little Flower (Mexico)

“Kerbonn Shogun” by Robin Foster, for Kerbonn Shogun (France)

“Madness and Sadness”, by Itay Ashkenazi, for One (USA)

“Something You Can’t Break”, by INFJ (Hayley “Tobi” Simmons and Scott Thompson), for Something You Can’t Break (USA)

“Til Then” by Lisa Swain Bennett, Danny Bemrose, and Scars on 45, for Patrick (USA)

“Two Arms Apart” by Jenae Ronas, for Two Arms Apart (Australia)

“Te Seguire”, by Estela Garcia Lopez, for Por Ella (USA)




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