Production Nominations: February 2020


Indie Short Fest

Best Producer

Bobby Liga for Retract (USA)

Clara Congera, Sigfrido Giammona, and Maurizio Greco for The Meeting (Italy)

Jason Julien-Connage for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Korea Black and Insomnia Black for Adversary (USA)

Nicole Adams, Aren O’Kelso, and Andres Gonzalez for Black (USA)

Tyler Beveridge and Spenser Harrison for Awful Dreams (USA)


Best Production Design

Annie Lilieholm for The Reading Room (USA)

Ironrite (USA)

Jackson Poon for Black (USA)

Sandra Szpytko for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Tae Beinhorn for In The Blood (USA)

Watch The Footage Productions for Room 566 (USA)


Best Original Screenplay

Akevo Jenkins and Jacob Hiram Estes for Unknown (USA)

Enrique Suarez for Abroad (USA)

Lenny Pappano for UnLucky Jimmy (USA)

Marie Vandelannoote for Funeral (France)

Mark Templin and Julian Bate-Vergette for Sand and Stone (Canada)

Noel Davis Poyner for Precipice (USA)


Best Cinematography

Alex Themistocleous for Townes (USA)

Claudio Cadman for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Clayton Combe for Ironrite (USA)

Jordan Tenenbaum for Black (USA)

Mario Genovese for About (UK)

Maximilian Hillmer for Euphoria (Germany)


Best Editing

Bryan Morrison for Room 566 (USA)

Essa Grayeb for The Return of Osiris (Palestine)

Garrett McDonald and Eric Spang for Two Strangers (USA)

JD Allen for Saiya (USA)

Johnny Chisholm for Dollar Bill (USA)

Samuel Green for Townes (USA)


Best Sound Design

Lin Chang Gomero for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Pajama Party Work Night (USA)

Steven Cole Manning for Saiya (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Dante Carballo for One of the Lucky Ones (USA)

Juan Temoche for In Your Honor (Argentina)

Rudy Brynac for The Reading Room (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

From The Heart (USA)

Room 566 (USA)

The Lioness (USA)


Best Special FX



Best Visual FX

Anthony Janz for Scarlet Circle (USA)

Patrick Neff for Pajama Party Work Night (USA)

Wallpaper (Belgium)


Best Costume Design

Glenna’s Clothing for Spotter (USA)

Regina Banali for In The Blood (USA)

Sharona Prior for Valentine Jacobs (UK)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Ashley-Louise Thomas Doe for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Tara Shakespeare, Nora Doench, and Celeste Maxwell for In The Blood (USA)

Wallpaper (Belgium)


Best Special Makeup

Abigail Walker for DeMarco Cain (USA)

Matthew G. Gray for 2:59 (USA)

Tarra Morgan for Witchwoods The Movie (USA)


Best Original Score

Ben Apgar for Lobe (Canada)

Cris Tunes for Into the Light (Brazil)

Elliot Woodward for Tend to the Garden (USA)

Joe Sanders for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Michael Strauss for Frosting: A Memory (USA)

Miles Kredich for Black (USA)


Best Original Song

Dead Brother, written by Finnegan Bell and performed by Love Ghost (USA)

Mahiya, written and performed by Sirtaj Kaur, for First and Last (USA)

My Amazing Grace by Debra Gussin and Dale Effren (USA)

My Favorite Song, by Brad Dale and John Shipe, for My Favorite Song (USA)

Nothing In The World by Slicc Lee (USA)

Siege, by Regal Jason, for DeMarco Cain (USA)



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