Production Nominations: February 2019

ISFProductionNominationsBest Producer

Keith Large for A Date With Shillelagh (UK)

Kirsten Stoddart for For Summer (UK)

Nancy Cantine and Ben Majest for Pool (USA)


Best Original Story

Brian Watson for Big Boom (USA)

Hanyu Hu for Power Chord (USA)

Vincenzo Palazzo for Mr Franco (Italy)


Best Cinematography

Mark Solter for The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder (USA)

Rosario Ferrisi for Mr Franco (Italy)

Youchen Miao for Thicker than Water (USA)


Best Editing

Matthew Diulus for Duct Tape (USA)

Michael Towe for Skin: The Movie (USA)

Yujie Tang for Thicker than Water (USA)


Best Sound Design

Natalia Guzmán and Abraham Arce for Hidden Life (Costa Rica)

Pablo Adame for After Party (Mexico)

Robert Wozniak for Kushtaka (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Brad Beasley for Husband Approved (USA)

Marcus DiLauro for Kid, the Moon (USA)

Mark Solter for The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

Bret Mazur for The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder (USA)

David Watkins for The Reapers (USA)

Matthew Merrite for Arson (USA)


Best Visual FX

Daniel Magyar for The Devil’s Trade – Fall Leaves! (Hungary)

Eric Hiller and Jay Hiller for Tribute (USA)

J. Zachary Thurman for Finley (USA)


Best Costume Design

Eli Gil “Perucha” for Without You (Spain)

Kushtaka (USA)

Maria Mirage for The Ghost in the Kamera (UK)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Diahann McCreary for Thicker than Water (USA)

Diana Hidalgo for Andersen and the Jinn (Spain)

Melissa Atencia for Husband Approved (USA)


Best Special Makeup

E’Lexus Deleon for Break (USA)

Finley (USA)

Tara Renee for Obscured Reflection (USA)


Best Original Score

Alessandro Moro for Because of War, Lust and Love (Ireland)

Greg Eleftheriou for Shadows (Greece)

Norman Skipp for The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder (USA)


Best Original Song

“Early June” written by John Pilat and performed by Evan & John for Country People (USA)

“Shadows” written by Greg Eleftheriou and performed by Myrto Stylou for Shadows (Greece)

“New Beginning”, Top Dog theme by Stuart Gardner and Kevin Leung for Chemistry Read  (USA)


Best Trailer/Teaser

Sea at Night (Germany)

Skin: The Movie (USA)

The Reapers (USA)