Production Nominations: April 2019

Indie Short Fest

Best Producer

Bruce Nachsin and Gilbert Feliciano for Lunchtime is Over (USA)

Li Huang for The Victim (China)

Pierre Yves Le Cunff for Ruffians (Belgium)


Best Production Design

Antoine M. Dillard for Rise of the Avalanche: Revenge from the Shadows (USA)

Rob Murphy for Bounce (Canada)

Sam Fayed for Rear View (USA)


Best Original Story

Clayton Tony Au for Suburban Jungle (USA)

Elena Bouryka for Walter Treppiedi (Italy)

Ray Du for 安 (Lullaby) (New Zealand)


Best Cinematography

Jess Haaja for Hear Me (Finland)

Olivia Kristina Peters for The Fall Leaves (USA)

Vicente Roxas for Precipice (USA)


Best Editing

Alberto Martín-Aragón for Indigestion (Spain)

Jing Han for Drawn Curtains (Canada)

Ricky Reid for Into the Belly of Beijing (USA)


Best Sound Design

Brian Parsons for Moment of Silence (USA)

Kevin Dippold for House of Redemption: Hear Me (USA)

Vince Tennant for Lunchtime is Over (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Katherine Velle for Northern Star (USA)

Ricky Reid for Into the Belly of Beijing (USA)

Thomas Ouziel for This is Fine (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

Cyprien Kodjo, Fatima Matousse, Boris Palacious and Mariya Chulichkova for Precipice (USA)

Magdalena Frey for Africa Amini Alama – Africa I Believe in You (Austria)

Sebastian Dressel for Untitled Chat Show (UK)


Best Visual FX

Christopher Hunter for Hear Me (Finland)

Lawrence Le for The Ledge (USA)

Sam Fayed and Matthew Duncan for Rear View (USA)


Best Costume Design

Catherine McQuade for The Widow (Australia)

Giulia Gallon for Untitled Chat Show (UK)

Kit Wilson for Fragile Ghost (USA)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Raquel dos Reis and Yuko Koach for March Comes After April (USA)

Sandrine Monnerie and Eva Bouillaut for Solange (France)

Tonya Carlson Jolly for Fragile Ghost (USA)


Best Special Makeup

Alejandra Villanueva, Brandon Torres and Mary Zhang for Royal Flesh (USA)

Hansen’s House of Horrors for The Darkening Hollows (USA)

Jennifer Pritchet for In Plain Sight (USA)


Best Original Score

Dan Taylor, Jordan Thomas Mitchell and Evelyn Yin for Into the Belly of Beijing (USA)

Lauren Taylor for The Fall Leaves (USA)

Pietro Milanesi for Shallow (USA)


Best Original Song

Burn for Old House by Kaleb Rudy (USA)

Lover and a Giver by Jordan Siwek (USA)

This is Our Time by Debra Gussin and Dale Effren (USA)