Pickford Theater: Block 2.6 – Documents & Experiments (Sunday 23rd, 10am-13.30am)

From Up Above

From the interiors of middle class apartments of Mexico City, everyday scenes are interrupted by the presence of people flying outside the window. We follow the daily routine of high rise window cleaners, their voice-over shows us their perspective about risking their life every day.

Directed by León Boltvinik (Mexico)

Los Angeles premiere

Unemployment Hotline

Unemployment Hotline

A deeply personal look into people’s experience with unemployment and isolation during this global pandemic. With busy phone lines and rising unemployment numbers, millions of Americans were unheard in this crisis. In an effort to change that, this film set up an unemployment hotline where people could call in and leave their story. 

Directed by Nikos Campbell (USA)

California premiere

Saigon Sentinal

Nguyen Van Chuc lives under the bridges on the Saigon River. Driven by a small outboard motor, he goes out onto the river every day. His mission: He fishes the bodies of suicides out of the water so that they can be given a proper burial.

Directed by Chris Noltekuhlmann (Germany)

USA premiere

Elevation Zero

Calisthenics is an art, and no artist enjoys being kept from their craft. Ice Water was performing at an all time high when he tore a muscle in his left shoulder. From surgery to recovery, it’s been an uphill battle. “Elevation Zero” tears even deeper into the muscle and brings pain to the surface in the form of abstract visuals along with a thought provoking monologue delivered by Ice Water.

Directed by Raed Barance and Anthony Bravo (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

The Phoenix

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. Also, as Sisyphus, it never changes and that is the story of the universe.

Directed by Farzin Nobarani (Iran)

I Walk On

“You like to come back, where you’ve been…” Let these words of Zbigniew Wodecki’s song be a signpost for everyone who is looking for a respite in the rush of everyday, difficult matters… “I Walk On” is a return to dreams, the embodiment of desires, as well as rediscovering friendship and shared passion.

Directed by Dorota Fórmanowska (Poland)

World premiere

Cats and Dogs

A tale of two young lovers who meet at a masked ball. They start an intense love affair, inspired by their differences. The story is told in a poetic fashion; playfully exposing the difference between the solitary and the needy; the mysterious and the enthusiastic; the cat and the dog. Will they be able to truly take off their masks and find love?

Directed by Joost Biesheuvel (Netherlands)

With a Woman Like You

Juan has lived hiding his homosexual relationship. Neither has he been able to accept his partner’s gender transition. Now he is alone and quite lost. His best friend will help him to get ahead, but he must be the one to accept his reality and the fact that he still needs to free himself from many prejudices.

Directed by Rakel Conk (Peru)

Los Angeles premiere


A story of forbidden love. An LGBTQ drama set in Ancient Rome. “Arena” tells the true story of adopted son of one of Rome’s cruelest emperors who must choose between his life as the future ruler of the Ancient world or a love and friendship once forcefully forgotten.

Directed by Myles Clohessy (USA)