Pickford Theater: Block 2.4 – Dramas (Saturday 22nd, 3.05pm-4.50pm)

The Mother

An adult man’s journey to find his childhood again.

Directed by Le Huy Anh (Vietnam)

Unlike Today

An elderly couple fights for dignity while balancing on the edge of the existence of their former lives. Both resist saying goodbye to the reality they once knew to accept a new life, now dominated by illness and nursing.

Directed by Astrid Menzel (Germany)

The Bridge

A grieving mother seeks revenge for the death of her son.

Directed by Mercedes Mason (USA)

World premiere


In a small Appalachian town crippled by opioid addiction, a young drug dealer is coming to terms with the life she’s chosen.

Directed by Andi Morrow (USA)

Mum’s Hairpins

Jewish shtetl, Ukraine, 1941. A box with mother’s hairpins – the only thing left from his family – is Yasha’s last chance to escape German invaders and rescue his new friend, a wounded baby goat.

Directed by Tatiana Fedorovskaya (Russia)

Where Dreams Rest

In this poetic, impressionistic, realistic coming-of-age film, Ah Wei, a young woman from rural China, decides to cross the US-Mexico border through the underground tunnel to reunite with her husband in the United States. She soon realizes the journey is not about the crossing, but about mending the discrepancies between expectations and reality once she gets there.

Directed by Elaine Wong (USA)