Performance Nominations: June 2020



Indie Short Fest

Best Director (Female)

Geneviève Sauvé for Still Untitled / Encore sans titre (Canada)

Jiho Won for The Tale of Mari and Yimae (South Korea)

Lindsay Heatley for My Walk Home (USA)

Lola Rùi for Ecclesiastes (USA)

Lori Shockley for Corked (USA)

Tara Tusher for Inner-critic (USA)

Traci Hays for Disconnected (USA)

Vanessa Leigh for Sam & Emma (USA)

Vanessa Silva for The Veil (USA)

Zoe Alexandra and Olivia M. Busby for Green Hat Diner (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Adam Nowak for (Dys)Functional (Poland)

Andrés Roa for 3 Karmas (Colombia)

Didier Konings for Uncario (USA)

Hitoshi Matsumoto for The Great Power (Japan)

Jon Massey for Frank James – Episode One and Two (USA)

Mj Kim for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Philip Stevens for Going Country (UK)

Sämen for Rumori (Italy)

Scott Paterson for The Beacons of Gondor (Canada)

Troy Brown for The Whistleblower (UK)


Best Student Director (Female)

Brea Mullen for The List (USA)

Cara Griffin for In The Name of The Father (Czech Republic)

Cristina Beviá for Malware (USA)

Eman Elsweisy and Marie France Louis for One Dave At A Time (USA)

Faranak Sahafian for Mirror (USA)

Nicole Vanden Broeck for The Little Thief (USA)

Rachel Irene Wilke for The Most Beautiful (USA)

Raheed Allaf for Carousel (United Arab Emirates)

Yang Liu, Yunin Su, and Yichi Chen for Tessellation (USA)

Yaqi Tao for Mathilda (USA)


Best Student Director (Male)

Adam Bastin for Window (UK)

Aron Davidsson for Relapse (Iceland)

Austin Rourke for Soon Comes Night (USA)

Avdjin Kutakis for The Reflection (Russia)

Chengyang Xie for Dialectical Lyric Poetry (China)

Dane Liberatore for They Wear Black (USA)

Devansh Sahijwani for Exit (UK)

Juan Martin Sanchez for Estranged (Colombia)

Mohd Shabaz for Cold Meat (Germany)

Tony Raud for Hired (France)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Angeline Wu for Bucket List (Australia)

Ashley Rebecca Farley for Diamonds & Rust (USA)

Dicle Ozcer for Big Break (USA)

Géraldine Alluaume for Vanilla (France)

Laura Niles for Class Photo (USA)

Lauren Lay for No Angels in the Shape of Men (USA)

Lori Shockley for Corked (USA)

Natalija Gormalova for Spirits We Dance (Ghana)

Polina Buchak for Pool Party (USA)

Theresa Picciallo for Innocent Goodbye (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Axel Rydén for 2132 (Sweden)

Borja Escribano for Explorers (Spain)

Brett Rickaby for Jane Doe (USA)

Camil Dumont for Anomaly (Canada)

Ian Harrington for Sentris (USA)

Jordan Doig for Susie (USA)

Magnus Häll for 1971 (Sweden)

Mark DiStefano for A Black Sleep (USA)

Mj Kim for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Thomas Webber for Nausea (Brazil)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

Ella Schupp for My New Best Friend (USA)

Natalie Prauser for All-American Hands (USA)

Romy Murro for Hands (USA)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Loren Blazek for The Mark (USA)

Seongwook Lee for Camping (South Korea)

Seongwook Lee for Coin Flippers (South Korea)


Best Actress

Angie Simms for Woman Screaming In Car (USA)

Heather Hentila for The Veil (USA)

Hyewon Baek for The Tale of Mari and Yimae (South Korea)

Juliana Sass for A Black Sleep (USA)

Katarina Morhacova for Rendezvous (USA)

Kelly Love for That’s My Time (USA)

Laura Niles for Class Photo (USA)

Madeline Blomdahl for The Most Beautiful (USA)

Sarah Sawyer for I’m Sorry, I Love You (USA)

Tina Alexis Allen for Diamonds & Rust (USA)


Best Actor

Alex Pychtin for 714 (Australia)

Brian Eric Johnson for Strange Lights (USA)

Dan Gregory for Crazy Mike (USA)

Drew Schrum for Decrescendo (USA)

John Anthony for A Love Not Lost (USA)

Kaiwi Lyman for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Miles Elliot for In Your Area (USA)

Omari Washington for Gracefully Broken (USA)

Robert Chestnut for Carma (USA)

Tom Bull for Relapse (Iceland)


Best Supporting Actress

Abigail Lea for Z is for… (USA)

Ashley Ottesen for A Love Not Lost (USA)

Jann Karam for Class Photo (USA)

Sarah Parlow for Patrick (USA)

Vanessa Silva for The Veil (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

Lane Wray for Overcast (USA)

Matthew Wayne Roberts for That’s My Time (USA)

Spencer McAfee for A Love Not Lost (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Duåa Karim for Going Country (UK)

Ellie Tevelis for Little Diva Rising (Australia)

Hannah Goldie Alltmont for Violet (USA)

Isabelle Patricia for Dear Ronan (USA)

Laurel Badenell for Mathilda (USA)

Tatem Lander for My New Best Friend (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

CJ Nave for Walls (USA)

Connor Falk for Overcast (USA)

Robert Levey II for The Scared Knight (USA)


Best Acting Duo

Ana Adams and Géraldine Alluaume for Vanilla (France)

Cat Olson and Andrea Murillo for Susie (USA)

Grant Gadbois and Paige Westover for One-Night (USA)

Heather Hentila and Vanessa Silva for The Veil (USA)

Jessica Ghitis and David Ghitis for Estranged (Colombia)

John Anthony and Ashley Ottesen for A Love Not Lost (USA)

Lydia Li and Beiyu Wang for Nini’s Nanny (USA)

Robert Chestnut and Renee Rogoff for Carma (USA)

Wynn Reichert and Deborah Seidel for Translation of Memory (USA)

Jordan Beltz and Alysia Vastardis for Green Hat Diner (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Ana Adams, Géraldine Alluaume, Peter Lamarque, and Ruggero Barbera for Vanilla (France)

Annapurna Sriram, Sathya Sridharan, Haley Rawson, Matt Hopkins, Wass Stevens, and Anya Krawcheck for Coup! (USA)

Brett Rickaby, Amanda Lamberti, Paola Deocampo, and John Elsen for Jane Doe (USA)

Chris Muto, Angie Patterson, Toni Robison-May, Elester Latham, Louisa Abernathy, Idola Scimeca, Mark “Rhino” Smith, Che Landon, and Cameron Alexander for Frank James – Episode One and Two (USA)

Emmett J Scanlan, Duåa Karim, and Julian Kostov for Going Country (UK)

Joanna Kay, Eric Lutes and Jimmie Fails for Corked (USA)

Katarina Morhacova, Chris Kerson, Mike Sutton, David Lago, Francis Jue, Casey McDougal, and Lisa Van Oosterum for Rendezvous (USA)

Kelly Love, Philip McElroy, Trymaine Alfred, John F. Thomas, Irish Giron, Michelle Merring, Christine Andelfinger, Alexander Bozicevich, Jared Taylor Wilson, Benjamin Voelker, Matthew Wayne Roberts, and Deanna Psilopoulos for That’s My Time (USA)

Ryan McCrory, Jay Johnson, Jessamyn Romines, Ryan Dorman, Jade Abrielle, Derik Ha, and Bala Boyd for No Angels in the Shape of Men (USA)

Tina Alexis Allen, Tommy Beardmore, Adam DeCarlo, R. Ward Duffy, Allison Poccia, and Patricia Mauceri for Diamonds & Rust (USA)




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