Performance Nominations: February 2020

Indie Short Fest

Best Director (Female)

Alexandra Spieth for Retract (USA)

CC Weske for Out of the Quiet (USA)

Katie Flynn for Townes (USA)

Marie Vandelannoote for Funeral (France)

Regina Banali for In The Blood (USA)

Shannon Walsh for On and On (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Dylan Snyder for Room 566 (USA)

Jason Julien-Connage for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Jose Lopez Aramburo for Deceit (Mexico)

Noel Davis Poyner for Precipice (USA)

Rafael Cortes for End Point (UK)

Sam Fayed for Two Strangers (USA)


Best Student Director (Female)

Huang Hsiao Hsia for The Red Envelope (Taiwan)

Marielle Boland for Supernova (USA)

Meital Cohen Navarro for In It Together (USA)

Nadia Truglio for Triggers (USA)

Nargol Behnamkhah for Blackout (USA)

Stephanie Senior for Ghosted (Australia)


Best Student Director (Male)

Daniel Akinshola for Voice of Blood (Australia)

Tenzin Rabsel for 130 (Australia)

Tommy Bardal for Zest For Life (Norway)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Darya Belokhon for The Bride Price (Russia)

Julia Fullerton-Batten for 1814 Frost Fair (UK)

Katy Dore for Odd Bird (USA)

Negar Mojtahedi for My Dream Goes All the Way to Iran (Canada)

Regina Banali for In The Blood (USA)

Victoria Kieburtz for Three Minutes (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Akevo Jenkins for Unknown (USA)

Dylan Reed for The Paradox (USA)

Lawrence Hennigan for Interloper (USA)

Mauro Romero for In Your Honor (Argentina)

Saulo Guilherme Senra for Into the Light (Brazil)

Tian Shi for Young Lady in the Pantry (China)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female)



Best Young Filmmaker (Male)



Best Actress

Caroline Amiguet for Old Aquatics (USA)

Giselle Bastanchury for Faith (USA)

Masha Tkachenko for Among the Debris (Ukraine)

Shannon Walsh for On and On (USA)

Stephanie Hogan for Retract (USA)

Yetide Badaki for Precipice (USA)


Best Actor

Ahsan Ali for Silence (USA)

Jason Julien-Connage for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Mark Atkinson for Old Aquatics (USA)

Matt Gibson for Dogmate (USA)

Raul Morit for The Plumber (Philippines)

Shawn C. Hansen for Adversary (USA)


Best Supporting Actress

Cadden Jones for Dogmate (USA)

Emily Laing for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Kirsten Nygaard for Abroad (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

David Alan Graff for The Decision (USA)

Michael Hanratty for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Robert Baldwin for Unknown (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Arihya Finley for Ike and Judy (USA)

Russiah Moreno for The Ways of Misery (Philippines)

Willamina Simon for Townes (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Nathaniel Ruth for A Home for Curiosities (USA)

Ryan McNeil for Cravings from Within (USA)

Tiego Newton for 2:59 (USA)


Best Acting Duo

Bre Blair and Chris White for Velcro (USA)

Emily Laing and Jason Julien-Connage for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Jeff Gentner and Sam Kim for Black (USA)

Sam Fayed and Zina Wilde for Two Strangers (USA)

Telisa Steen and Elena Flory-Barnes for Three Minutes (USA)

Yetide Badaki and Johnathan McClain for Precipice (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Damien Boisseau, Anne-Laure Gruet, Anne-Hélène Orvelin, and Stefen Eynius for Funeral (France)

Dana Shocker, Geogina Leahy, Adam Levy, Devonric Johnson, Brendan Healy, Jeanne Lau, Michael Ursu, and Bob Jones for The Wrong Sort (USA)

Emily Laing, Jason Julien-Connage, and Michael Hanratty for Valentine Jacobs (UK)

Evan Hofer, Carrie Gibson, Eddie Steeples, and Paris Perrault for Room 566 (USA)

Jose Rosete, Brendan McGowan, Giorgio Arcelli, and Michael J. Belmont for UnLucky Jimmy (USA)

Matt Gibson, Cadden Jones, Ken Jennings, and Monica L. Jones for Dogmate (USA)




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