A tragic drama, regarding unfulfilled love. Anna and a long lost lover, Alexandre and his best friend Harris, all of them victims of fate or heroes of their own choices? Contradictions, dilemmas, closure and difficult decisions in a story far from happy endings.
Directed by Kiriakos Kotsinis (Greece)

Ever After

As Jacob is about to enter into Fatherhood, he revisits his past and tries to make things right before taking on this new responsibility.
Directed by Jeff Kapp (USA)

Black Coffee

“Black Coffee” is a scripted sitcom following the ventures of four Howard graduates who open a black-owned coffee shop in the nation’s capital. Each driven by a unique motive, these late 20-somethings come together to make their mark in the city as proud entrepreneurs. As business picks up, these first-time business owners face several unexpected challenges in the diverse community of DC behind the capital.
Directed by Jason Perez (USA)


James’ passion is running. Two years in a row he entered into Pittsburgh Marathon but failed to finish in the top 10 both years. His dad thinks he’s wasting his time and encourages him to quit because deep down he’s afraid his son will fail just as he did. Will James take his dads advice and throw in the towel? Or will he continue to “Push” himself to the finish line?
Directed by Jason Boyer (USA)

One Day

For Nic, the eyes are a reflection of the soul and who you truly are. Facing a new year in front of him, he now takes time to reflect on his love life and on his future. “One Day” is a reflection on a social issue that needs to be talked about.
Directed by Alexandre Richard (Canada)