The Grimoire Chapters: Rem

In 1968, a deadly sleep experiment took place at the Parker family residence. A crime that would go down in infamy and sets in motion a series of events, leading to a startling killing spree in 1988. Who or what is the connection?
Directed by Michael Davis (USA)


“Tharagan” is Tamil language short film. Kannan, a struggling house rental agent in the suburbs of Chennai, is desperate to find a tenant for an apartment, so that he can settle his own immediate rental debt.
Directed by Mohan Lakshmipathy (India)

Team Teenettes

Balancing regular battles against a giant robot and a mad scientist with high school life leaves supercharged teen hero Kaylee questioning the predictability of her team’s missions.
Directed by Brian Morelan and Bianca Poroliseanu (Canada)