God is Horny

Katrin Butt shows people, a performance, plays a scene as a nun, and she says she wants to sleep with God. Then you can see her sleeping with God.
Directed by Katrin Butt (Austria)

Next Stop

One overweight train passenger unintentionally disrupts everyone’s commute. All walks of life are joined together in a gag-filled series of stops and starts on route to their destination.
Directed by Brad Gibson (Canada)

Dead Leaf Butterfly

The film focuses on Hazel, a high school girl trying her best to navigate through life as simply as she can. She wants what most of us do, to get into college, to have a good relationship with her family and friends, and most of all, to be loved. Her roadblocks in this quest come from her abusive stepfather, her disapproving mother, and the world of false hope that she has created around her biological father. With her boyfriend Tyler there for her every step of the way, will he be enough to keep her on track? For Hazel, there just not may be a “normal.”
Directed by Dylan Riley Snyder (USA)


“Ranvir” is a drama about a young Indo-Canadian man who must enter the racist, white supremacist underworld in order to save a loved one.
Directed by Amit Dhuga (Canada)

The Unit: Lessons On Living & Dying

“The Unit: Lessons on Living and Dying” is a moving short documentary film that shares the stories of people who worked on the Cedars-Sinai AIDS Unit during the height of the AIDS epidemic. The film, directed by “Stories: The AIDS Monument” board member and award-winning journalist Peggy Callahan tells the journey of how passionate Cedars-Sinai caregivers impacted the lives of so many, as well as their own, during the HIV/AIDS health crisis.
Directed by Peggy Callahan (USA)

She’s FunDead

Bobby is enjoying a quiet night at home until his cute zombie neighbor from hell comes over and experiences a climax that isn’t meant for the living.
Directed by Bobby Burrelli (USA)