Patrick is so inspired to create music. He wants to be successful but his girlfriend, his luck and even cosmic forces at times, seem to be testing him. Desperate to be a part of the music world that so inspires him, he tries again and again to create. Several ridiculous setbacks force him to question it all. 
Directed by PK Simone (USA)


When agent Matthew Shepherd looks into his brother’s mysterious disappearance, he discovers that sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie. Through a haze of dark visages, and hidden corners of the criminal underworld, he discovers that a devil walks the shadows. Only mentioned in whispers, the elusive Volkov is truly the epitome of fear and pity… and as his name suggests, a scarred and ravenous wolf, though human in form. Revered by gangsters, and worshiped by the corrupt, agent Shepherd discovers that even criminals have heroes.
Directed by George Dibble (USA)

Hide and Seek

“Hide and Seek” follows the adventures of a lone soldier trapped in the woods. Accompanied by his own version of a Jiminy Cricket, the soldier has to find a way to fight his fears and escape his inner turmoil.
Directed by David Sigura and Salvatore Frederick (USA)

Bully Proof Vest

“Bully Proof Vest” is about a young girl, who overcomes bullying through life lessons and a “Bully Proof Vest”. Her “Bully Proof Vest” gives her inner super powers.
Directed by Alexander McDaniel (USA)


“1619” is about a Dad educating his 11 year old son regarding the African Diaspora and 2019 Welcome Home Celebrations happening in Africa, since 400 years ago Africans were stolen from their motherland.
Directed by Alexander McDaniel (USA)

Last Tonight

My true story romantic dramedy of a guy and girl returning to the dating social scene after bad breakup of a long relationship. With encouraging close friends and hidden signs that point them to a moment that can last forever….if they let it.
Directed by Kevin Williams (USA)

No No On’nanoko

“No No On’nanoko” is an experimental short film that delves into the subjective mind of a young woman named “Mia”, who thinks she may have brain cancer.
Directed by Kevin Douglas Harris (USA)

To You Whom I Love

“To You Whom I Love” follows Marcel, a world renowned fashion model, as he finds out he is being replaced by Finnlay, an up and coming star. Marcel’s uncontrollable jealousy stirs an argument between the two of them, fighting over each other’s rightful place on the runway.
Directed by Steven Aripez (USA)

Under The Flowers: Waking The Witch

Charlotte, Rose and Jackie must battle a diabolic secret society called The Hollow for the soul of Crystal Springs – but they can’t do it alone. First, Charlotte must travel to the In-Between for help, risking her own soul…to Wake the Witch.
Directed by Richard Wilson (USA)