Mateo, an 83-year-old man lives in a town and has refused to speak. Immersed in his silence and isolated from the world he navigates between reality and fantasy, mixing stories stored in the memory of the heart with the person with whom he has shared his life.
Directed by Javier Montes d’Arce (Mexico)

Through Darkness I See You

Eugenea, a young Métis girl living in foster care, visits a laid-back lawyer in an attempt to find help in the search for her family who were stolen during the Sixties Scoop — stirring up dark skeletons from the past in the process.
Directed by Jesika Kula (Canada)


In Laura’s dreams, a wound demands to be healed, deeper than anything that time and space define and reason explains.
Directed by Roger Villarroya (Spain)

Lost and Found

In a quiet, non-populated hotel, a mysterious Asian woman is noticed by staff Louis. As Louis starts to do his own investigation secretly, he realizes that woman could be a Hong Kong movie star who has been dead for years. When the truth is about to come out, things start getting out of control.
Directed by Zilong Wang (USA)

Game Over

Who is the master of this game, and what are the consequences for not playing by the rules…?

Reality is skewed in this surreal psychological thriller featuring an ALL-female cast and crew. Grace awakens in a cell shared by fellow-captive, Lucy. The plot unfolds through a series of disconnected flashes, as Grace struggles to understand her circumstances. It’s time to play.
Directed by Amanda Sabater (USA)