Shallow Grave

A father’s deal with the mob to save his son takes a dark turn when he is forced to choose between his son’s life and his morals after the arrangement forces him to cover up the murder of an innocent child.
Directed by Tang (USA)

Letting Go

Stacy finally got that promotion. Unfortunately, she’ll have to move to Japan and her fiancé, Ian isn’t happy about it. Stacy must decide between the love of her life and the passion for her job and to accept one, she’ll have to let go of the other.
Directed by D Hunter White (USA)

House of Redemption: Hear Me

Everyone is hiding something…
Redemption is a choice…
Except in this house.
Hear Me
This whisks us to a place where all actions have consequences. In this first episode, we’re thrust inside the mind of a young woman forced to face her own truth while staying at an Airbnb with her friend.
Directed by Tammy Klembith (USA)