Toruki Jungle, September 1904. 
Liam Loyld Powell the adventurer is chased by his old enemy, Professor Wathkins. Liam has discovered the secret to get to the famous Chikuzo’s treasure and will protect his discovery from the professor despite the challenges that Liam must face.
Directed by Tanguy Guinchard (Switzerland)

Fragile Ghost

A young mother takes her daughter on a trip into the past and discovers painful war-torn experiences that got passed along the generations.
Directed by Kit Wilson (USA)


At home, a middle-aged woman lives from the past, while a young couple lives for the future.
Directed by Natalia Montecinos (USA)

Hear Me

Lonely young woman trying to escape her demons in the cold and dark Finland where no one else can hear her expect herself.
Directed by Jesse Haaja (Finland)

Brothers In Law

In high school Derrick Lawrence and Mark Erickson were friendly rivals until an incident between Mark and Derrick’s sister Alexis turned them into straight-up enemies. When they are reunited years later, serving as opposing counsel in a high profile sexual harassment lawsuit, the past is not forgotten and it’s certainly not forgiven.

Unbeknownst to them, this chance reunion will set a cavalcade of events in motion that might just have these two rivals trying the unthinkable… working together!
Directed by Jason Olive and Kent Faulcon (USA)