Indie Short Fest


Life is full of running, distress and sadness if what is needed is out of reach!
Directed by Mohammad Amin Kamali (Iran)

Duct Tape

After an argument with his wife, things go from bad to worse for Peter as the simple task of disposing of a dead body gets increasingly difficult.
Directed by Matthew Diulus (USA)

6,743 Count My Voice!

In the year 2015, the promulgation of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 initiated the country’s transition to a federal state, thereby providing an opportunity for local participation in government giving people a stronger voice in how their communities are governed. The Local Level Election Act 2017 mandates that two of the ward members elected for each ward must be women and one of the two women must be a Dalit, in a total of 6743 wards. The film tries to explore the dilemma of one of such locally elected representatives from Terai region of Nepal, whereby belonging to a certain marginalized community is boon as well as bane. While her representation is a direct outcome of the aforementioned provision, the fact that the candidate has been elected by virtue of being a Dalit woman ironically prohibits her meaningful participation in the exercise of her rights and responsibilities as a Ward member. She is just a proxy leader, with no say of her own in decision making and her role as a Ward member, which makes it only harder for her to live up to the expectations of the people who elected her. This is the story of Mrs. Jasodhiya Paswan, who wants her voice to be counted, not just on paper but in reality. This is an effort to raise the voice of thousands like Jasodhiya Paswan.
Directed by Shristi Joshi (Nepal)

The Reeves

“The Reeves” is a psychological horror short film based on a screenplay written by Lavern Spruill. The film follows Grant Reeves and his girlfriend, Vanita, as they head out for a weekend trip to visit Grant’s twin brother, Dr. Reeves. Grant grows concerned after discovering his brother and Dr. Reeves, his wife, and son aren’t home to greet them. A quick turn of events quickly unravels the truth behind this family’s secrets.
Directed by Lavern Spruill (USA)


In a fictional nation undergoing religious reform, authorities round up a group of reformers and place them in prison. They await execution. In a last-hour reprieve, they are allowed to select only one of their number to face the axeman. Problem is, they must all agree whom that person will be.
Directed by Jeffrey William Tenney (USA)


In response to a severe nationwide famine, the government allows non-productive citizens to be eaten.
Directed by Sotiris Petridis and Tania Nanavraki (Greece)