No Les, No More

A short western comedy about Lester Moore, the Wells Fargo Station agent in Naco, Arizona who is now memorialized at Boot Hill near Tombstone. After Hank Dunston comes in the station to pick up his package and it is damaged, Les and Hank get into a witty conversation with a play on words that ends up deadly.
Written by Tim Northburg (USA)

Tomorrow Never Came

There aren’t always the perfect words to make it better for Adam, a 20 something young man, has to endure right now. He feels his father is overbearing over him, while his mother is trying to do her best to support her son through his dark moments.

The words are insightful to others who aren’t struggling, but the stress not living up to his father’s expectations and feeling like a failure is so overwhelming for Adam. His life stress only makes him feel hopeless and depressed. So, why not just make the pain and struggles go away quickly?
Directed by Lisa Dunning (USA)

The Other Woman

“The Other Woman” is a revenge story set against the dreamy and timeless backdrop of Old Hollywood.

Vera Vague, our unsung anti-hero, enacts an elaborate and vengeful plan to murder the man who broke her heart – Jedd Stanton, an old-Hollywood type cowboy turned movie executive who did our Vera very, very wrong.

After she’s found wearing Jedd’s blood-drenched cowboy hat moments after his death, and the murder weapon found in her heart-shaped purse, Vera is brought in for questioning by the hard-hitting inspector Rolf, a boisterous pretty boy who’s got the hots for Vera. Much to his surprise, Vera confesses to the crime and takes inspector Rolf through her vengeful killing spree. A wild story that he barely even believes himself. How could a woman do such a thing?! Vera’s response – haven’t you ever had a broken heart, Inspector?

This is “The Other Woman”.
Directed by Emily Elizabeth Thomas (USA)

Untitled Marfa Project

“Untitled Marfa Project” is a poetic story following two best friends, Star and Margot, as they venture on a road trip from Austin to Marfa in the hopes of mending their broken friendship. Throughout their time in the desert Star and Margot witness strange yet beautiful things, get in heated fights, and also sit in complete silence with each other. At stories end, Marfa and the strange magic of the desert makes them realize that maybe they aren’t so different after all. Untitled Marfa Project is a film about love, loneliness, the patterns that are destined to repeat, and storied and meaningful friendship between women.
Directed by Emily E Thomas (USA)


On a terrace with views of the Sagrada Familia, Sophie explains to a couple of friends the story about when she went to visit her mom, who was living in a country house with four other women and undergoing chemeotherapy treatments.
When she arrived, she encountered a strange group, because all of them had issues that they weren’t recognizing.
Blaze (her mother) lived with Mary, a tarot-by-phone fortune teller who was losing her hearing; Juana, a mother whose children had all grown up and moved away; Mar, a theater actress with memory problems and Bobby, the youngest, who was in the midst of discovering her new sexual inclinations.
Quite by mistake, Mary and Juana walk into a cannabis seed shop. From that moment on,
They came up with an interesting way to help everyone resolve their personal conflicts; trying cannabis.
Directed by Connie Jean (Spain)


Emefa, 28 is in an abusive marriage with Kwame, 34. She assumes that Kwame’s abusive nature is as a result of their childlessness. She gets pregnant and assumes that the baby will be able to save their marriage but he beats her again, which makes her lose the pregnancy and almost loses her life. She resolves to leave the marriage.
Directed by Erica Owusu-Ansah (Ghana)

Siggy Brat

“Siggy Brat” is a young “songwriter” and a “lost soul” who writes his songs while watching people from the window of his room.
When writing his songs, he falls in love with the beautiful, but equally desperate Valerie from the opposite building, where a strange old man, Mr. Maudit, also lives.
Siggy’s fascination with the fates of these people later becomes fateful for him too.
Directed by Tomáš Svašek (Czech Republic)