Indie Short Fest

Walter Treppiedi

Walter is an unpleasant man, dirty, a small-time middleman, a third class swindler. He lives in an old station wagon full of dirt and scraps of a lifetime. In that car, Walter eats, sleeps, receives young customers to whom he promises to break into the show business, as long as they are willing to do anything and in exchange for a bribe. 
His bodyguard is always by his side, he’s too old and smells. He’s own faithful life companion: A Rottweiler named Blackie.
Directed by Elena Bouryka (Italy)

Dear Giulia

A young woman, after the one more family mourning, is at the monumental cemetery of Verano and has a liberating dialogue, or rather a monologue, with her granny Giulia in front of her tomb. Trough her words and the images spinning in her mind, we’re plunged into a sort of parallel world, with an extremely blurring border with reality. This world is an absolutely literary one, inhabited by poetic quotes, paintings, statues of rare beauty and characters who, although missing and probably unreal, make the protagonist’s suffering more bearable.
Directed by Marco Reale (Italy)


A young journalist looking to make a name for herself goes to meet a disgraced teacher unsure of the man she will find. Although her trip seems to pose more questions about him than it offers answers. As the more of his dark past she uncovers, the more questions about his innocence arise.
Directed by Alexandra Edwards (UK)

Tomato & Eggs

Lisa (Celia Au) is a queer Chinese American woman who plans to marry her long-term girlfriend. As Lisa navigates the trans-generational challenges of telling her father Yun (Fenton Li), other secrets will test the bounds of family and culture.
Directed by Nicole Tay and Tina Xu (USA)

Rise of the Avalanche: Revenge from the Shadows

Sequel to the award-winning neo-noir film “Rise of The Avalanche” (2017), “Rise of the Avalanche: Revenge from the Shadows” is about a gangster by the name of Alvin “Avalanche” Steele who is freed from prison and executes his plans to take back his city. Meanwhile, the Supercop that put him behind bars (Antoine “Megki” DeLord) is hell-bent on sending him back to prison where he belongs. While Avalanche is distracted trying to take back his city and doing everything he can to keep the cops off his trail an old rival who he left for dead is out to exact revenge from the shadows.
Directed by Antoine M. Dillard (USA)

Mohingar Tapwe!!

This film was produced by young Japanese and Myanmar creators in Yangon. They challenged the very new concept in Myanmar, comedy drama based on cooking battle. It is also a revenge story. Its important theme is Myanmar traditional catfish noodle “mohingar.” Young chef fights using his handmaid mohingar to revenge himself for his father’s death on big evil society which is ruling mohingar market in Myanmar by its automated technology.
Directed by Yuki Kitazumi and Aung Thu Rein (Myanmar)

Life in My Shoe

Wimana Beatrice, an aspiring journalist and Congolese refugee, recounts her educational journey in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Beatrice invites us into her world to understand the challenges facing young women East African refugees. Through her own eyes and voice, Beatrice personalizes the trauma of leaving the DR Congo as a young child, the struggle to access school as an older girl student, and the realities of growing up in a refugee camp.

“Life in my Shoe” is a collaborative film made through a Uganda-based journalism training program for young refugees and a US-based documentary production group.
Directed by Wimana Beatrice (Uganda)