Indie Short Fest

In The Gym Shorts

Gym stereotypes come to life in a voyeuristic view of gym culture where everyone is trying to fit in, make friends, find love and just survive their next workout routine. Maybe you can relate!
Directed by Erick Szot, John Duffy, Chris Davies and Daniel Augustine (USA)

The Difference

The younger sister Vanessa is sheltered by her older sister Zoe during her childhood. They have a strong and loving relationship. Although they live together, after Zoe found a job, their relationship starts to sour.
Directed by YuBin Zheng (Canada)

Foxx n Wolfe

As the planet decays, siblings Foxx and Wolfe try to survive in a reclusive cabin. Their resources are meager and their security is constantly under threat by an otherworldly predator that now inhabits the earth. As each hollow day passes, the siblings find themselves closer to encountering their ruinous fate.
Directed by Shaunette Renée Wilson (USA)


A veteran returns home after years of fighting, only to find himself fighting another war within himself.
Directed by Daniel Roy (USA)

Is Love Enough?

“Is Love Enough?”, tells the story in a sometimes humorous way, of two lovers in their 20s, Hannah and Justin, who are from two adjacent small towns in Michigan. Eric Weber tells this story from Hannah’s perspective, as she leaves the busy doctor’s office where she works as a massage therapist. Upon receiving a note from her quirky, gothic dressed assistant, Donna, that her boyfriend Justin wants her to meet him at his work. Hannah arrives at Justin’s work, expecting a marriage proposal, but instead encounters something else.
Directed by Eric Weber (USA)

Ghosts That Cry in the Dark

An ex special forces French military man is on a mission to expose a dark secret in his chosen country of retirement – Australia. However, his old nemesis has travelled across the globe to stop him. This could be a futile operation, as he knows the Frenchman will stop at nothing to expose the truth.
Directed by Kain Baigent (Australia)

Blind Trust

Ava gets revenge on her ex-husband after years of his lies, deception and verbal abuse. She comes up with a plan with her best friends to end her ex-husbands life. And soon after falls for the wrong man, again. (Her ex-husbands brother) Ava has no idea they are related. He ends up with a STD of unknown sources.. What happens next???
Directed by Eric Mann Robinson (USA)