Indie Short Fest


A 10-episode coming-of-age web series about cultural identity in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, an overachieving student tries to gain the attention of her favorite celebrity by converting her school’s charity fashion show into a flashy display of Hong Kong culture, but gets accused of being too westernized. Fueled by pineapple buns and Cantonese soap operas, she devises a checklist for what it means to be “local” and embarks on a not-so-subtle quest to complete it before the show.
Directed by Jane Chow (USA)

Black Orchards: Azerbaijan and Armenia’s Wars

TRT World’s Oubai Shahbandar embeds with the Azerbaijan military and travels to the frontlines with Armenia. Tensions between the two rivals—which fought a war from 1988-1994—threaten to heat up again over Armenia’s occupation of the Karabakh region, which Azerbaijan wants back. We speak to Azerbaijani survivors of the 1992 Khojaly massacre, committed at the height of the war, as they seek justice… and explore whether two countries can ever truly find peace.
Directed by Atakan Kerkuklu (Turkey)


Beds tours the indignity of the life of a mattress, through the characters who abuse, overlook, neglect, and ultimately discard that central figure in our lives.
Directed by Matt Cascella (USA)

Twisted Gift

In this film short, Melissa Michaels dances through her healing journey from late stage ovarian cancer to no evidence of disease. Weaving together images from her surgery, chemotherapy, and unique creative process, her story of liberation is transparently shared. Vulnerable, raw, and inspiring, a picture of what is possible when movement becomes medicine and faith becomes the focus.
Directed by Melissa Michaels and Henna Taylor (USA)


Imagine a family, drowning in years of dysfunction, who choose to resolve their issues with drugs and alcohol instead of therapy.
This series, “Dependence”, is about two families joined together by the relationship of a young couple, Zeke and Lexi. The dysfunction in their families will test their love and their sanity.
Directed by Cris Thorne (USA)

The Best Man

The Bonds of Brotherhood are tested after James younger brother comes out to him, causing him to reevaluate his relationship with his brother.
Directed by Joseph Lamb (USA)