Indie Short Fest


Mixed signals, narcissism, love for sale: Liquid Love in São Paulo. The lives of the 30-year-old Katharina (played by Camilla Ferreira) and 40-year-old Alice (played by Rodolfo Lima) intertwine when Katharina enters a new world of online romances through dating apps.
Directed by Pryka Almeida (Brazil)

For Summer

“For Summer” is a haunting short horror film exploring a couple’s broken relationship in the aftermath of grief, and the terrifying results.
Directed by Jessie Kirby (UK)

Here’s Your Flag

An Army officer arrives at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s door to inform her that a new algorithm predicts that her son Eddie will die in battle. Not “did” die, but “will” die. Since Eddie just enlisted yesterday, she feels this is hardly fair. The officer reminds her that the possibility of death was mentioned in the recruitment contract: “Page 12, in the fine print, at the bottom.” Mrs. Cavanaugh persists until she finds out Eddie will die a hero. “Will he be getting any medals? We can put them with his football trophies!” And then it just gets weird. By the way, there really is such a thing as a “death gratuity” when a loved one dies in battle, and yes, it really is $100,000. This is a comedy. (No, really.)
Directed by Jonny Lewis (USA)

Husband Approved

Trudy Macloo is the Queen of Sweets, the outdated host of the show Husband Approved, where her husband is the solo judge. All things go sideways when Derek Troppo, a hot internet sensation enters the show and defies Trudy’s ways.
Directed by Max Gleiser (USA)

The Adventures of Botfly

Emily Craig, an ordinary girl searching for meaning in life, is thrown into a superhero adventure when she is forced to choose between complacency and justice.
Directed by Claire Biles and Jean-Jacques Corbier (USA)

The Game

An assignment becomes life-threatening for a private detective when he meets a client and soon finds himself in an abandoned sanatorium.
Directed by Matthias Pöltinger and Zoe Fuchs (Germany)

Post Coital

Post-Coital is a web series about love, relationships and the conversations we have after sex. Each episode is set in a bed, and centres on a post coital conversation – from the most intimate, to the most awkward, to the most vulnerable, to the most liberating. 

This latest series follows Ella on her quest of sexual and self-discovery. When she finds herself (again) palmed off by yet another fuck-boy, Ella decides enough is enough, it’s time to dig deeper. In her encounters, she learns more about herself, her boundaries, her vulnerabilities, her power and what she really wants from a good relationship.

The series explores the intricacies of modern dating, provocatively unpacking the subjects that still remain taboo. It speaks to a young audience in a frank and honest way, and is filled with moments, characters and issues that everyone can relate to. And it’s funny, too.
Directed by Lowell Walker (UK)