Indie Short Fest

Chatter Box: Cornhusker Hero

Bob Chatt grew up in Northeast Nebraska in the 1920s. After college, a recommendation by his uncle put the wheels of fate in motion. He would meet the fight of his life in the South Pacific in the form of a 1500 ton Japanese Destroyer named “Rough Tide” behind the controls of a B-25 bomber that he nicknamed, “Chatter Box”.
Directed by Donald Dodge (USA)


To strike a blow against Arch-One and the deadly robot army that has been devastating the world, a small team of resistance fighters infiltrates an enemy base to secure a sequence of codes that could save mankind. But there is a division within the group. Trapped behind enemy lines, will they escape to turn the tide for humankind? Or will their strife cause the mission to fail and all of humanity to fall with them?
Directed by Ellis E. Fowler (USA)


This poetry film combines documentation of the protests immediately after Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, with Walt Whitman’s own voice reciting lines from his poem “America.”
Directed by H. Paul Moon (USA)

One With Earth Song

Inspired by the “Zero Budget Natural Farming” movement (ZBNF), Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej musically collaborated with the amazing tribal farmers and created the ‘One With Earth Song’ which celebrates life and everything natural. These Tribal farmers practice the healthiest and most sustainable type of farming in the world. The ‘One With Earth Song’ was launched at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
Directed by Sairam Sagiraju (India)

The Land

An abstract snapshot of creative life at the edge of the Sonoran Desert.
On the southernmost border of Arizona’s Cochise County, the Sonoran Desert provides a life of creative expression for those able to live in concert with its diverse plants, animals and people. A deep regional history reveals itself each year as the community gathers to share in fire and rebirth. Shot on decades-old expired 16mm film stock, the imperfect visual texture and meditative docent-like voiceover are complemented by a live, improvised instrumental soundtrack. The resulting exploration of sound and image exposes a life of beauty, freedom and powerful self-reflection.
Directed by Stephen Crout (USA)