Indie Short Fest

The Spectre’s Bride

Using puppets to dramatize Antonin Dvorak’s “Spectre’s Bride” this 29 minute film tells the story of a young bride abducted by a Spectre for a wild night’s journey.
Directed by Francesca Borgatta (USA)

Loved Ones

Theo, an outcast of his own family is visited by his half-brother one last time, and is forced to realize how his addiction alters people around him.
Directed by Jobe Lowen (USA)


In the fragments of our fantasy, we see our darkest reality!

“Dust” is a psychological thriller about contemporary addiction. Addiction to love, addiction to drugs, video-computer games and losing ones mind chasing the ultimate addiction: Fantasy!

“Dust” is a debut short film by Writer & Director Nigel Mulligan that’s set in Dublin, Ireland. Introducing Sorcha Fahy as Cassie and Jamie Doyle as Art. 

Cassie (meaning: unheralded Prophetess) has recently experienced a family break-up and is trying to find her place in the world. She loves to escape into the party scene where she meets Art, who is recently separated from a bitter break-up but quickly re-bounds and falls for Cassie and is intrigued by her quirky existential meanderings. Doubt starts to emerge and questions begin to be asked of not only Cassie’s mental health and but a haunting dark past. Cassie tries to suture what seem like delusions by experimenting with a new drug on street called 2CB. This further blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality seducing Cassie more into a fiction of a video game while drawing Art deeper into her psychotic collapse and ultimately his cataclysmic downfall. 
Directed by Nigel Mulligan (Ireland)

Pax Humana

In a world of soullessness where no man cares for non other than himself a man tries to find where humanitys true purpose lies.
Directed by Valentin Miloshov (UK)

Space Sharks

After crash landing on Earth, Trevor and Gleb, two charismatic alien-sharks from outer space are forced to explore an unfamiliar and intimidating planet.
Directed by Stefan Schumacher (USA)


We rise and fall, we smile and cry, we thrive while in pain, we live as we die. Understanding is key, intentional or not, just remember that you’re always loved…
Directed by Charlie Norton (USA)

Reply All

One Email. Five People. No time to lose.
Ashley has to figure out what to do when she accidentally sends everyone she knows the same love letter, as she presses “Reply All.”
Directed by Josh Pulido (USA)

The Escort (Short Screenplay)

When a young boy mysteriously appears on the rainy driveway of a troubled couple’s home, the woman’s possessive designs on the boy become no match for her man’s irritation and the boy’s ultimate reason for visiting.
Written by Fudo (USA)