Indie Short Fest

Still Here

Left to their own devices in a flooding house during the wake of a life-threatening hurricane, a caregiver and an elderly patient with differing spiritual beliefs struggle to find hope in each other.
Directed by Troy Charbonnet (USA)


Zenaida is the living story of almost a century in the history of Cuba. She was born in Camagüey in 1930, of black race and from the lowest socio-economic class that existed at that time. This is the story of a generation, the history of before and during a revolution, with its benefits and contradictions, the story untold by historians, where there are no winners or losers. The story told by the invisible ones. With humor and immense popular wisdom, she portrays us, the Cubans, tells us about racism, emigration and what there would be to be politically correct according to her.
Directed by Enrique Rottenberg (Cuba)


“Landscape” is an experimental film that mixes amusement park and zoo footage with audio from an actual 911 call.
Directed by Kenneth Hess (USA)

Le Petit Trompettiste (The Little Trumpeter)

A little boy aged 10, was born in a family of a French father and a Taiwanese mother. He is passionate for trumpet. His mother died when he was little, he then grows up in a French universe. One day, his best friend asks him about his Chinese name, this triggers him for his identity research.
Directed by Ching-lo Hsu (France)

Pretty Odd

“Pretty Odd” is the story of an eighth-grade boy with a quirky personality facing the process of applying to high school as he struggles with how to communicate with his classmates, teachers, and parents. While deciding his future, he discovers what is most important to him and works hard to achieve it. In his continuous effort to act like a “normal” kid, he realizes that his past behavior was only hurting himself. In this short film, we see the comedic yet realistic difficulty of making big life decisions at such a young age while simultaneously trying to be the best version of one’s self.
Directed by Lorelei Essman-Freeman (USA)

Sea at Night

“Meer bei Nacht” (Sea at Night) tells the story about a man, whose disease took away his self-determination, reputation and social support. His tendency to get lost in memories of his past leads him to a momentous decision.
Directed by Kim Fabienne Hertinger (Germany)

Horace the Hawk

The animal residents of an oak tree learn their tree is dying. Their first reaction is to blame each other for the deteriorating tree. Soon they realize the only way to save their home is to work together and change their ways.
Directed by Doug Whitehead (USA)

The Hum

An atypical awakening inside a white room in which an anonymous character finds himself without knowing where he is and why he is there. A bed, a window, a door and a monitor on a wall are the only décor of the claustrophobic room. The silent Monitor is the only “window” of companionship, whose visions will anticipate drastic decisions.
Directed by Leonardo Lenzini (Italy)