Indie Short Fest

A Symphony of Sparks

A “Symphony of Sparks” attempts to metaphorically reconcile two opposite worlds: classical music and working-class environments. Marrying Tchaikovsky’s music and industrial welding, the film takes a poetic look at conductorship, turning it into a symphony of sparks.
Directed by Gabriel Fortin (Canada)

Mañana is a Happy Day

Alejandro’s life is going to take a sudden turn to become a living nightmare with catastrophic consequences for “everyone”… and the day all happens begins as the best day of his life.
Written by Andres Pi Andreu (USA)

Lift and Separate

Candace, stuck in her dark past, struggles to break free. Unwilling to sacrifice yet another of her beloved chickens to feed her voracious step-sisters, an ancient pink dress, a sparkling pair of flats, a shocking revelation, and an empathetic delivery driver embolden her to finally make her escape.
Directed by Pamela Weaver (USA)

All About Toby

24-year-old lifelong best friends, Sarah and Addie meet early morning at their regular coffee shop. Both musicians, Addie is attempting to release solo albums while Sarah works as a music teacher at Fairview primary school. Sarah confronts Addie about why she has been distant lately and Addie explains that she is making changes in her life: she is getting rid of Toby and just got a job at Stomping Records. Sarah is not convinced that their conversation is all about Toby. It becomes heated in front of (and with) other patrons as Addie and Sarah bring up unresolved issues from their twenty year friendship, while fighting over popular 80’s songs. The scene comprises one continuous take shot simultaneously by three cameras.
Directed by Maryanne Niceforo (Australia)

Sonny Boy

Sonny Boy is back from a year-long stint in India. A lot has changed since his family, and his girlfriend saw him last.
Directed by Karolina Lisowski (Poland)

The Warrant

Officer Johnson and his team, are on the hunt for two criminals and has a warrant out for their arrest. The problem 
they’re trying catch them before their next big move.
Directed by Emmanuel Stewart (USA)

Suicide Files

This is an inspirational account of inner city youth and their passion to play the game of basketball. Most are searching for a way out of the environments that taught them the game they love. They learn that hard work and dedication are the keys to unlock the door to success but success is not always professional basketball.

The fact is, most that dream of playing professionally, never will and that harsh reality is something they must learn to understand. It would seem that these young ball players would kill themselves to play the game. We take a look at what makes them, what breaks them and find out why they want to play the game of basketball so badly. 
Directed by Marc Brissett (USA)