Indie Short Fest


Leah, a 13-year-old girl that loves to dance, but has very low self-esteem and is constantly comparing herself to girls until she meets Sarah, a 23-year-old vlogger who helps Leah discover her incomparable worth.
Directed by Jeriel Yordan (USA)


A woman reunites with her childhood teacher and questions the nature of their past relationship.
Directed by Jessica Cummings (USA)

Girl at the Top of the Mast

Selected scenes from the screenplay adapted from Bungy Hedley’s funny and touching autobiographical book View from the Top of the Mast. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live right next to the ocean? Well, many years ago, in a quaint house hand-built by her dad, Bungy did so, along with her mom, dad, and three sisters! Then, she followed the lure of the sea, learned to crew, and offered her nautical skills to captains of sailing ships as the only female crew member on such voyages.
Directed by Steve Mellin (USA)

In Front of The Mirror

An outcast teenager is trying to fight against “the plastic dolls” or what society calls “true beauty”, by not giving in into the beauty standard that society has put into this world. Trying to fight against it, the protagonist ends up giving up and turning into one of them.
Directed by Tiffany Garces Michel (USA)