Indie Short Fest


A fashion model leaves her life for the desert…and meets a mysterious stranger who finally brings the change she’s been looking for.
Directed by Bonnie Foster (USA)


A young man wakes up in a mysterious room, with his memory lost and strange tattoo on his body. He has to figure out what is going on and find a way out.
Directed by Zhou Ye (USA)


Two special agents, in a new aged world, race against time attempting to solve a string of enigmatic and unconventional murders.
Directed by Steven Chan (USA)

The Itch

At the first sign of an itch, Addy feels like something could be very wrong. With constant deflection by her husband and doctor, Addy decides to take matters into her own hands.
Directed by Connor McIntyre (USA)

The Fisherman’s Wife

The wife of a fisherman lost at sea struggles with denial, loss, grieving and acceptance. This is a poetic story with minimal dialogue that acknowledges the pain and difficulty of a woman and her enlightenment. Filmed against the backdrop of the North Shore with music by Max Richter and Chris Decato.
Directed by Ron Wyman and Scott Caron (USA)