Indie Short Fest


Anny, a sixty-year-old painter, lives alone. During her many walks in the forest, she meets Laura, twenty-five, beautiful, bubbly and dynamic. An ambiguous relationship is established between them. Laura will do anything to get close to Anny, not wanting to be unfaithful to herself. Will Anny accept this relationship against her prejudices? This age difference, thirty-five years?
Directed by Fabrice Briseux (France)

After the Storm

A documentary short film about one family’s struggle with mental illness, how Ava ST.Pierre Cogburn’s journey takes her from tragedy to triumph in hopes of helping people globally seek better mental health care.
Directed by Ava ST.Pierre Cogburn (USA)

The Crack

This film is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s famous quote: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. An old, wise filmmaker takes us through the intricacies of working with analog film: the corn, light leaks and the imperfect yet inherently beautiful developing process. With short glimpses of unique characters, shot entirely on analog film, this piece celebrates the beauty in ugliness, the cracks in our personalities and the quirks of humankind while connecting it to the iconic, flawed look of analog film. With original score by Jakob Balogh.
Directed by Marko Roth (Germany)

Ro-Boob: The Farting Robot Monster

Ro-Boob is a lonely robot monster, cruising the galaxy and destroying everything in his path with his atomic ray gun, and noxious farts. He desperately wants to find a girlfriend — a girlfriend with boobs. Will Ro-Boob ever find love?
Directed by Logan Fry (USA)


Antarctica is beautiful, with magnificent icebergs and glaciers glinting blue in the sunlight. But this beauty has become threatened indirectly by human activity. Greenhouse gasses and climate change are produced by modern civilization. The seas are growing warmer, and this will cause a great loss in biodiversity in once cold Antarctic waters as plants and animals are unable to adapt to warmer temperatures and die off. High levels of ocean acidification caused by the absorption of high levels of CO2 will cause more ecological havoc, as marine invertebrates and corals are adversely affected. This will alter key Antarctic marine food chains, and, unfortunately for humans, cause flooding in many parts of the world as the Antarctic ice shelf melts away and releases more and more water into the oceans. All of this creates a very depressing picture.

Irish Goodbye

The story of Nizar, a young closeted-gay, conflicted but devout Muslim refugee from Syria and his night out with a quixotic Irishman, Eric. Along the way, they will confront issues of trust, abandonment, tragedy, and privilege. Eric seeks to seduce and draw Nizar out of his shell while Nizar confronts Eric for being nothing more than an emotional tourist in his life. The consequences of their adventure will haunt Nizar for long after the night is over.
Directed by Adetokumboh M’Cormack (Sierra Leone)

October 96

In October of 1996, singer/songwriter KOBY D’s mother suddenly passed away in Ghana, West Africa. Over 20 years later after trying to process her death he puts pen to paper and writes out exactly how he felt and what this amazing woman meant to him. The film follows him as he remembers the precious moments with his mother over the course of their lives; the first picture he ever remembered taking with her; the first day she took him to kindergarten, making his favorite meal. And then, now a teenager, we are with him the day he finds out she died. We follow Kwabena into his adulthood and finally his return to Ghana on the 20th year anniversary of her death. He finds the first picture they ever took together and finally he is able to deal with his mother’s death and hold on to the fond memories they shared.
Directed by Adetokumboh M’Cormack (USA)