Indie Short Fest

Chasing Glaciers

A world temperature increase of 1.5 °C is already inevitable and a 2 °C increase is very possible considering the path we are on now. As the climate changes, droughts will become more commonplace as major cities like Capetown and Los Angeles are predicted to lose all access to their natural water reserves. Nations such as the Maldives and Bangladesh will completely disappear underneath the ocean’s surface and desertification will destroy much of Northern Africa and the Middle East (and all of this by 2050)! Even though these problems seem existential and preventable, there is one place where the threat of Climate Change is currently manifesting itself: the beautiful country of Perú. Within their borders are 70% of the world´s tropical glaciers and over the last 40 years, they have lost almost half their surface areas. The country of 27 million all depend on these glaciers either directly or indirectly for potable water, irrigation, and hydroelectric energy. With the rise in temperature many if not all these glaciers will completely disappear. As they do, the livelihoods and water resources of the people impacted will vanish as well. There is no saving them, only to adapt to a new way of life or pack up and move.
Directed by Mark Gregory (Peru)

Ruby Baby

Ruby Baby is a story written by MH von Loewenstern – author/producer. and a published poet.

Lee McQueen is the director, and one of the lead actors, Lee is very talented and experienced working in film, he is hungry to start pre production.

Raphael is the producer, with years of working in film and advertising, he also runs festivals with complex production as well as tour managing in the music industry.

The story draws the viewer into the life of Adam, a young Boy living on a farm, motherless and with a violent father. To survive the emotional and physical trauma of his father, he turns his attention to Cathrin, the daughter if the charwoman who comes to help Fromm time to time tokeep the farm house in order. Insecure and shy he admires her from a distance. Unexplainable things happen on the farm..unexplained death.
Directed by Lee McQueen (UK)

The Story of the Night: The Story of One Night

In celebration of the rich tradition of live storytelling, this short film features Kurt Rosenquist telling his cherished 25-year old story in real-time to a group of close friends during a dinner party.

To the guests’ delight, Kurt artfully and meticulously delivers his tale that captures the events of one evening in the early 90’s in New York, when he unsuspectingly finds himself under the spell of an innocuous pair of vintage hand-me-down patent leather shoes.

The initial purpose of this short film was to simply document Kurt telling this wonderfully quirky story in his particular distinct storytelling-style and to share this event with a wider audience. After completing the shoot and reviewing the footage, we realized that the spontaneous playful interplay between the guests, the crew and Kurt was almost as important as the ‘story’ itself. By including this activity throughout the film, the message has broadened to offer the film-viewing audience a glimpse into the intimacy and magic of a communal storytelling experience.
Directed by Susan Lori Frank (USA)

Forgotten Alive

Alexandros, a social-network addict, is forced to confront an unusually awkward reality. Waking up in a shallow grave, he manages to escape only to find himself in the middle of an unfamiliar forest, miles away from home.
Forgotten Alive is a newly developed and recently discovered psychological syndrome, occurring in individuals who gradually become incapable of distinguishing between real life and the one developed in social networks.

With tremendous consequences to the brain’s neuroplasticity, the syndrome pushes individuals into an unusual behavioral pattern, unprecedented in Cognitive-Behavioral sciences.

The group of scientists who discovered the syndrome work in developing a highly controversial method in treating not only the symptoms but also the causes of the problem, by exposing the “victims” to extreme challenges, each, specifically designed.
Directed by Kiriakos Kotsinis (Greece)

Ashes to Ashes

Winfred Rembert, the only living survivor of a lynching, a Star Wars fanatic and leather artist, develops a friendship with Doctor Shirley Jackson Whitaker who is on a mission to memorialize the forgotten 4,000 African Americans lynched during the Jim Crow era. Together, their journeys of healing, joy, and sorry intertwine.
Directed by Taylor Rees and Renan Ozturk (USA)

Hollow Tooth

Jason, who has just completed a military deployment in Mali, returns to his native village. His reunion with his father and the inhabitants of the village is glacial and plunges him into a state of silent suffering, before anger takes over.
Directed by Samuel Kaperski (France)


Liz Newey, a recovering alcoholic, is in the midst of her early morning recitation of the Twelve Steps, when she’s interrupted by a phone call. Her father, Frank Newey, estranged for twenty-three years, is on his death bed in a Toronto hospital.

Torn, Liz arrives at her morning waitressing shift but ultimately decides to ask her boss for three days off. She needs to tackle “Step Nine”- make amends – of the AA program. Her boss and AA sponsor, Edith understands all too well.

At the hospital, Father Warren, a young inexperienced priest with a past, offers Frank the sacrament of Viaticum, the giving of the last rites. Frank reluctantly agrees but is more concerned about the priest helping him to complete a letter to his daughter Liz.

Liz, riddled with disturbing childhood memories, including that of the suicide of her older brother, drives on determined to see her father before he passes.

A near accident derails her and she finds herself seated at a roadside bar. As Liz contemplates the drink before her, the priest tries to complete the last rites but Frank, staring at mortality, interrupts and asks the priest to hear his confession. The struggle against time for both father and daughter is real.

Regrettably, Father Warren does not succeed in completing the sacrament. As Liz hurries to her father’s hospital room, a deflated Father Warren, exits the hospital only to be brutally attacked by a druggie. The sacred viaticum case is scattered about and the letter to Liz tumbles from the priest’s jacket pocket.

Liz, alone with her deceased father attempts to make peace with him but peace is elusive. She numbly exits the hospital and surprisingly finds all that she emotionally sought.


When Liz Newey learns her estranged father is dying she comes to realize that the anger she’s harboured has fueled her alcohol addiction. She soon discovers that only forgiveness can set her free.
Directed by Lara Daans (Canada)