Indie Short Fest

One Day

For Nic, the eyes are a reflection of the soul and who you truly are. Facing a new year in front of him, he now takes time to reflect on his love life and on his future. “One Day” is a reflection on a social issue that needs to be talked about.
Directed by Alexandre Richard (Canada)


A foray into a dystopian future, “Invictus” takes the viewer into a world which has been ravaged by climate change, crushed by government oppression and drained of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All that remains is the faintest hope for a better future – a hope largely (and literally) carried by scientist Jane Darling.
Directed by Angie Rowntree (USA)


In a dystopian world under the onslaught of invasion, we follow an insurgent in his struggle for survival. Moving through a state of brutal violence and chemical warfare, this warrior is in constant search for supplies of oxygen and, when necessary, he stealthily attacks with deadly force to get them.
Directed by Hans Schellhas (USA)


A young rookie detective looks to solve his first case but he is not the only one looking for clues.
Directed by Curtis McGillivray (Canada)

Marias: The Web Series

Maria receives an unexpected visit from Daniela. Is she her long lost sister? A fun and lovely latina Web Series about a multicultural friendship. Shot in Brooklyn, NYC.
Directed by Inés Dominguez Del Corral and Dillon Greenberg (USA)